Proof Positive…….

carla bruni
If proof were needed, that the image of France is nowhere near the reality.
Here is Carla Bruni… an example of the propaganda about French women (yes, I know she’s Italian; that probably accounts for the elegance).

Just read the stuff and guff about French women in the foreign press; the ones who are always thin and raise well behaved, cowed children…according to these open mouthed journalists a French woman, it seems, can actually tie a scarf round her neck without strangling herself, find matching bra and knickers in the airing cupboard, and wears high heels if it kills her….alongside whom the wearers of old Driza-Bones, wildly assorted underwear and comfortable shoes are supposed to feel shame and inferiority.

So much for the image in the foreign press.

What about the image of women in France itself? In la France Profonde?

Next time you are beckoned into Henri’s private bar… know, the one he has set up in the barn out of earshot of his wife…..I doubt you will find the walls adorned with pictures of Carla Bruni…or of the female portion of what is known as ‘les people’ but there’s a fair chance, depending on the month of your invitation, that you will find this…..

from'girls1 mothais

or this…

from'girls 3 camembert

or even this…

from'girls brillat-savarin

All examples from this year’s From’girls calendar…published annually by the association Fromages de Terroirs to promote the consumption of local cheeses made by small producers.

Like the cheeses it promotes it is the perfect accompaniment not only to the wine which Henri will offer you but also the slightly doggy prurience of the conversation once you have eyeballed it.


18 thoughts on “Proof Positive…….”

  1. Looks like a monk holding a mirror under the (miniscule) skirt of Mlle. Camembert. And a monkey, leering at the cleavage of Mlle. Brillat-Savarin?
    Most men, anywhere, like girlie pin-ups.And most women, anywhere, like feminine frou-frou.
    I wear silk shirts, Pringle sweaters in the garden. Well, once I’ve torn, stained or grown out of them! πŸ™‚

    1. But not quite the image of French women portrayed in the press!
      The calendar is somewhat cleaned up from the one i first saw some years ago, but it hits the taste buds of rural France!

      I wonder if the rather precious purveyors of the wonders of life in France would like to publicise this….

      Yes, my once grand clothes eventually descend to gardening gear though i have to admit that the heavy silk trousers I bought in a ropa americana here for one dollar saved my life while travelling in Europe.

  2. On the other hand have you seen the French rugby team’s calendar? Buffed bronzed bodies with just a strategically placed rugby ball to keep them this side of decent. Bit pricey at €26 but perhaps Mme Henri has one on the kitchen wall to compensate??

    1. Retro indeed Perpetua. Even Scotland ,managed to get rid of the Tennants Lager lovelies way back in the 80s… (though I have to say the lovelies were a bit less scantily clad than their 21st century French cheese counterparts!

  3. The cheese stall in the market used to have the most delicious, in every sense of the word, twenty something serving, tall, slim, blue eyed, shoulder length blond hair. The queue of eager women (and a few men) used to stretch half way down the hill. He was replaced by a middle aged version, not tall, not slim, not much hair and the other cheese stall started doing much more business.

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