It’s not all doom and gloom…..

versatileblogger111djmatticus of the matticuskingdom has been kind enough to give me the ‘Versatile Blogger’ award…..and following the Perpetua rules I shall be fairly relaxed about the dos and don’ts……

Not only do I thank the giver of the award – I urge you to go over to the kingdom and take a look for yourself….you don’t even need a visa.



Now…fifteen blogs:

Sandysviews is a must, and not only because he was kind enough to give me the same award elsewhere!
He writes about whatever strikes him…and writes about it jolly well…a real pleasure when a new post pops up.

roughseasinthemed blogs about life in Gibraltar, travels in Spain, politics, history, food…and geocaching which I hope I have spelled correctly. Oh…and Falklands memories too….

And while geocaching is in my mind don’t miss Ken Brownon ‘where the fatdog walks’…not just for geocaching – his secret vice – but for dogs and walking the hills (mostly soggy) of Scotland.
And when you take a look, gee him up for another post…even for a Scot his Hogmanay break is over extended and I want to see more photographs of Mabel.

Frightened of going into hospital and catching something worse than that with which you went in? Read Carrie Rubin’s novel ‘The Seneca Scourge’ and you’ll have the habdabs…..but her blog will have you laughing.

Pooch has one careful owner – status viatoris – now based in Italy, but who is currently writing about her early experiences…in every sense of the word…in Spain.
Unmissable. So’s Pooch.

And a word in your ear about Sue Llewellyn’s ‘A Word in Your Ear’. I’m not normally a fan of photography – probably jealous – but this is a beauty. A recent post on Flinders Street station has me going back continually.

Back to Bodrum gives a varied look at life in and around Bodrum in Turkey….with the bonus of archeology! How often a post will make me wish i’d spent longer there and done more looking around.

Croixblanches will introduce you not only to ‘Nowhere-on-Thames’ but also to a village in the French countryside featuring cannabis growers, German occupiers and elaborate roundabouts….

Before you grumble at your other half for losing things nip over to ‘Where’s My Effing Pony?’ and catch the work of an master of the art…The Artistic One…and his not at all suffering wife. They go to some lovely places…with or without his passport.

But don’t bother reporting the loss of your passport to the police in England: Inspector Gadget will tell you why…the inside story of policing.

And the inside story on the life of a magistrate ‘The Magistrates’ Blog’ may enlighten you as to the harm being done to a system of justice which used to be marked by independence…..

Something more cheerful? Then you need ‘Linda’s Lair’ where a great lady battles her depression by lifting ours with her videos and photographs…there’s some interesting architecture in there when the weather is fine enough for her to go out, as well as shrubs, flowers and – my favourite – ducks.

Emerging from his cave to chronicle his life and times is Adullamite who has a lot of stuff I like going on….troopships, steam trains…and a wonderful post on the difference if you marry a Scottish girl!

Brilliant photographs…even better text from Susie Kelly on ‘No damn blog’. Animals, travels, daily life…all seen from her own angle. And she writes super books, too!

And whatever else you do…please visit The Slog. 3-D bollocks deconstruction, to get a not-as-pubished-in-the-media view of what’s going on in the financial and political world.

We’re all doomed……so have a good read before you go!


45 thoughts on “It’s not all doom and gloom…..”

  1. Congrats, Helen! And well deserved – although for some reason I hadn’t yet come across this particular blog of yours. How many have you actually got?? Thank you also for the mention, Pooch is busily scribbling his thank you speech as I write!

  2. Congratulations Helen 😀 – and many thanks for my nomination 😆 .

    A new post is a challenge at the minute – life has been a boring slog with the new pups this past few weeks and access to my upstairs computer very limited due to the constraints generated by those same little beasties. However I managed an hour tonight so you may see something soon. 😀

    1. You mean you have had to put the computer on top of the wardrobe to keep it out of reach….I saw Mabel’s leaping ability in the last photographs.
      Great…something to look forward to!

  3. Wow! Thank you so much and, more importantly, congratulations to you on a worthy and deserved award! I’m touched that you passed it on to me, and it was a pleasant surprise after I surfaced from being (literally) lost in translation over the last couple of days! I’m having a spot of bother breaking in to WordPress but by dint of struggle I got here to leave my thanks!

  4. Hi Helen,

    Thank you so much for your kindness in mentioning my blog, it really means so much to me…as does your friendship. Thanks so much for your encouragement, you are a great inspiration to me.

  5. Hi Helen, Only just found you as your email went into my spam box…how COULD it?? Anyway, good to find you on form and an award winner. Great selection for me to get my teeth into over the next few days when we too are hit by horrid weather. Take care, Axxx

    1. Computers can do anything…if it’s stupid enough…I shall do mine for infangthief if it loses any more stuff…
      I enjoy all these blogs…very different content so there’s something for all moods!

  6. Congratulations! And how nice and generous of you to share links to some great blogs. Sometimes, it becomes a hit and miss here to find interesting blogs. Thanks!

    1. I have to tell you that I read some of the blogs by Adullamite…. on marrying a Scottish girl—— I was laughing out loud. Thanks for referring me to that blog…. Funny stuff! I was interested because my Dad was part Scottish!

      1. Hope you don’t mind if i reply to both comments in this reply.
        They are super blogs, aren’t they….and yes, for any woman with Scots’ ancestry that post from Adullamite was a hoot!

        1. My father was part Scott…. never knew his mom…. my grandma as she died when I was only two. I imagine that she had a strong but very sweet character from what I hear. I wished that I had known her!

  7. Thanks Helen, much appreciated. Back from a short break so expect a post soonish that will probably cover all the aspects you mention on my blog 😀

    I do have a few awards to post about but I am rather slack about adding them ….

    Anyways, good to see some potentially interesting new reading there. And as one of your other commenters said – how many blogs do you have? [But bet I have more :D]

  8. Ye can rin but ye cannae hide frae me bonny quine.

    Heard the one about the Scot, the Frog, the Belg, an the C’rican?


    Thought not.

    Nor have I.

    But I’m working on it. Kind of. Not.

    Pukka name for ye new bloggy by th’ way. Very you.

    Talking of great big helpful neon signs… Yoo’re gonnae have tae gie a better camouflageist. Your wonderful and distinctive prose was an instant give away, the moment the dust cleared after sliding down the chimney to ye new blog here.

    Ah jist wish eh’d bin wearin’ somethin’ under mah kilt that’s aw.

    An’ whit ever ye dae in yer next life, dornt whit ever ye dae come back as a groose. Ye kin?!!

    McTonto of the Clan Macscarper.

    P.S. and no I haven’t actually wasted perfectly good coin learning how to type in fluent Scot. I just lobbed it all into the translate box of this bonny little site here. Made me chuckle too it did:

    P.P.S. I’ll steal back later to read the posts properly ‘in your secret new disguise’ when time permits.

    P.P.P.S Would you still like me to send you a formal email requesting the address details of your new blog?

    Chimney crashing was so much more fun!!

    Specially in mah new kilt… An’ naethin’ else !!!

    Happy New Year to one and both of thou’s btw…

      1. An’ dornt teel me, yer big hairy duggy is partial tae a lunch ay weel hung haggis, neeps an’ tatties too.

        Aaahh. Thank ye kindly fur th’ warnin’ McFly. I’ll be takin’ a wee visit tae th’ shed tae see if mah chain mail jock strap still fits as snugly as it used tae ‘en…

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