THE SATURDAY ESSAY: More looting-levies, more asset taxes. Now it’s default or die.

Whatever your political views or lack of them I suggest that reading this post by John Ward will prove instructive: the era of the social contract between governing and governed is not only long dead, it is stinking to high heaven.

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Why electing defaulters to power is the only way left

Friday having seen the enthusiastic support of De Nederlandsche Bank President Klaas Knot for Djisselbloem’s plan to pick the pockets of every despositor in Europe, there are now hardly any major nations still in the closet when it comes to Global Looting.

On Thursday, Canadian bloggers cottoned on to the plans of their government via the annual budget statement. On pages 144 and 145 of “Economic Action Plan 2013″ (already submitted to the Canadian House of Commons), it openly proposes ‘to implement a ‘bail-in’ regime for systemically important banks’ there.

The second wave of evidence about what’s coming I referred to yesterday: the banks hastily sending out acres of fly-shit to their customers to blame any future disappearance of money-substances from their accounts. The general line of defence being offering by these creeps is “ve are only obeyink…

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20 thoughts on “THE SATURDAY ESSAY: More looting-levies, more asset taxes. Now it’s default or die.”

  1. What do you suggest, shall I put my money under the mattress? Or buy gold? I’m way beyond going on any barricades, so it’s sauve qui peut for me, seeing that nobody believes the cant about us all being in this together.

    1. And how do you think you can do that on your own?

      Talk to your friends…discuss what is happening to you.
      Be aware that the biggest benefit scroungers are those at the top of society.

      ‘We are the people of England
      And we have not spoken yet.’

      Which is why those freedoms so recently won are being pulled away from under our feet.

      1. One thing I really hate is that the word ‘benefit’ is automatically followed by ‘scroungers’. This government is brainwashing us to see the world with completely new eyes and they are changing the language while they’re at it.

        The people of England don’t speak, they mutter apologetically. If only they spoke. The riots in London were caused by the so called ‘underclass’, worthless, feckless, lazy youths who “should all be locked up; or even better, deported.”

        Helen, I could weep. Sadly, I have nowhere else to go.

        1. The middle class mutter..they are accustomed to their mutterings being translated by their M.P.s into action…they have not yet realised that they are now regarded as upper working class and as such are available victims.

          I too had nowhere else to go.
          But I (courtesy of Bairnsfather) knew of a better ‘ole and went to it. It’s not paradise…but it’s a better ‘ole’.
          You’re never too old to act.
          Or to speak.

  2. Not much to say on this topic, Helen, but I wanted to take this opportunity to wish you a wonderful Easter. Thank you so much for all your kind comments on my blog, it really means a lot to me.

    1. As yours do to me, Linda.

      But don’t be daunted by things people have persuaded you you won’t understand…you can and you do, in your daily life.
      We have all been amputated of our voices by the unholy alliance of the financial, media and political sectors….but what they won’t publish we can still talk about and analyse ourselves.
      We all matter…if we could only realise it.

      I hope your foot improves…plenty of rest!

  3. Going back about 40 years…….. Rhodesia was in trouble financially when the white government was voted out. Every person had Rh$100 taken from their account, and we were given a ‘receipt’ which said that we would be refunded as soon as things were back to normal. I burnt my receipt a couple of years back when we moved house yet again. Perhaps I should have had it framed! Happy Easter, Diane

  4. Cyprus is indeed a dangerous precedent. We all pretend to believe that it couldn’t possibly happen here, and perhaps it won’t. But I think it’s fair to say that any slight element of trust we may have had in politicians to sort it out just flew out the window.

    1. Looking at what has been happening to small businesses with RBS (not hearsay, have a friend embroiled in it all) any trust I had in government sorting it out evaporated some time ago.

  5. People are wondering about taking their savings out and keeping them at home for a while, but if this idea takes off, it’ll lead to an increase in home break-ins, probably with more violence too if burglars are confronted by unwilling victims.

  6. And following on from what Sarah wrote above, we can’t all take our savings out or that would be called a run on the banks and they’d immediately freeze everything. Remember Northern Rock?

    This is a deeply sobering piece and I basically agree. Sitting in our over-populated and deeply-dependent islands as I am, that’s a scary place to be.

    1. It worried me a long time ago when France introduced retrospective legislation on property…something easy to identify, like your bank accounts.
      My husband had a Northern Rock account and remembers the panic all too well…as he does the sale of the ‘good assets’ for bugger all.
      We try to move our money…such as it is…. around, keeping clear of the euro.

    2. We’ve tried to put our money around the globe, though as our peanuts aren’t what these schemes have in mind you have to do your own research.
      We’ve tried to keep not very much in as many places as possible on the fastest recall possible…given the unrecognised (by governments) inflation. It’s not ideal but we hope to avoid the ‘haircuts’ imposed by the EU.

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