And Now a Word from Our Sponsors

One of the most rewarding things about blogging is the dialogue….the people kind enough to comment…reading their own blogs…it does make for a sort of community with varying stages of engagement.

A blog I came across quite early on was Bloggertropolis and I’ve been a fan ever since.

It’s shrewd, funny and sometimes completely off the planet, with a stable of commentators always worth reading: if you haven’t come across it, do give it a try.

And if you read the current post, you will find that the blogger’s wife is setting up in business for herself…working from home as a highly skilled bookkeeper.

We all know that start ups are hard….

So if you, or your friends, or a business you know are in need of a U.K. bookkeeper, please visit the website

Brighter Bookkeeping

and consider using their services.

Word of mouth works wonders….so please spread the news.


33 thoughts on “And Now a Word from Our Sponsors”

  1. My accountant used to work from home. That reminds me of a story and I’ll just have to blog about it.

  2. This is the first blog hopping for sometime for me….haven’t felt able to cope with new reading… it, I know I will really enjoy browsing past posts…thanks Jx

  3. How lovely of you to recommend another blogger. I’ve done that too for a business starting up (note, doesn’t mean I’m remotely lovely) although I’m not sure it had any benefit 😦 but still, it didn’t cost me anything except time.

    I’ve kept our tax returns since small business regs were simplified in the UK (ha! you can tell that was a long time ago, nothing is ever simplified these days), did an accountancy module as part of my MBA, and currently do the figures (and all the other paperwork) for my block – none of which I have ever got paid for. So I wish her the best of luck.

    Interesting blog too. Aaaargh but it means I have to log in via google or other ID or whatever, and sometimes I lose the will to live with that πŸ˜€

  4. It is a good read… thanks for the link. Oddly enough, I formed a limited company myself 7 months ago here in the UK and although I have an accountant to keep me on the right side of taxes, I may need a book keeper to prepare the paperwork for the accountant. Where does it end – hiring Boris to prepare crap for the book keeper?
    BTW – I think you often get out of blogging what you put into it. You’re a generous comment contributor and a witty and intelligent blogger. Is that a swelling head I see on the far horizon to the west?

    1. What you see is an old bat looking for a hat pin to deflate said head after such a lovely compliment….thank you, Craig; that made my day.

      I agree with you about blogging…there are some blogs which give the impression that you are privileged to read them…there are bloggers who only leave comments just after they have made a post on their own blog and otherwise stay mum…and there are people like yourself who make blogging a pleasure.

      As to the company, put Boris on the payroll and let Brighter Bookkeeping take the strain!

  5. No I’m not sure it will be of any help either…but if you don’t try….

    I too was lumbered with the tax returns and anything vaguely fiscal in the U.K. and in France – and had a lot of experience helping British immigrants and French tax officials to reach some sort of understanding….mutual bewilderment was usually the starting point.
    Now it’s Costa Rican tax….played with a computerised system called EDDI….

    I agree about the log in…luckily I still use my old one for that and blogs I’ve followed long term know who it is…but the blog is worth the effort.

  6. That was a kind and generous thing to do, Helen, and I wish Karen every success with her new business. Sadly I’m not in need of anyone to keep our little accounts. Off now to explore Steve’s blog further….

    1. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it…and perhaps you could spread the word among your contacts about Karen’s business; one never knows who might be interested – and setting anything up is so uphill to begin with that any little shove makes a difference.

  7. Helen, you’re a darn good egg. Just popped over there and tweeted to see if I can help get some attention for his wife’s bookkeeping. Got all my digits crossed it helps. The English blood in me (dad was born in Leeds) has a vested interested in helping, and the rest of me also has a vested interested in helping,lol! Very kind of you. Paulette

    1. That’s so kind of you and an example of real ‘people power’….not the overtly political kind, but the real power…the willingness to help each other in a tough world.

  8. I think interaction is good as well. I have noticed, though, at times, some people just comment for the sake of commenting…and their comments are not always kind. I have always been taught that if I have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all. Sometimes on long posts I am not sure what to say so I prefer to listen. Whenever I do comment, it is genuine and kind. Thank you so much for sharing, Helen.

  9. I just want to make it clear that I am not at all referring to you in any way, dear Helen, in my comment. You have always been so kind and thoughtful in your comments on my blog. πŸ™‚

    1. Linda, thank you for taking the time to amplify your comment…I appreciate it in the light of some of your recent posts where you talk about your sensitivity and assure you that I took your first comment as stated.
      There are always people who strop their own egos at the expense of others – you are certainly not among them.

      1. Thanks so much, Helen. For a while I was responding to all the comments on my blog but I had to stop when the comments got more numerous…however, I always enjoy and appreciate the comments on my blog, as it shows that people are enjoying the posts. I have always enjoyed your blog and continue to. πŸ™‚

  10. I have passed her details on to my baby brother in the hope that he takes her up. He currently ships all his papers to me in France and I am sorely out of touch.

  11. Thanks for linking to the blog. I missed this when you originally posted but i have just found it and read the blog myself – it’s good!

    I don’t need a bookkeeper though πŸ™‚ at least not at the moment.

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