Gorgeous George and the Killing of Tony Blair

I came across Kickstarter through a lovely blog…that of Adullamite…who featured a young female photographer who was asking for help to finance her show at a gallery.
Having looked at her lifestyle as depicted on her blog I thought that a few less weekends in Paris might have done the job without assistance…but that is by the by.

Further investigation on Kickstarter brought me to something much more in my line….

George Galloway was asking for money to make a well researched film about Tony Blair….and the killing he has made from the killing of others.

As usual, I’m there at the last moment…as usual, I have reservations about Gorgeous George…but I’ve put my money where my mouth is on the question of that whited sepulchre Blair…I’d love to see him arraigned for his crimes and it won’t happen unless people push governments into action.

Should freedom, liberty and personal safety interest you…then take a look at Gorgeous George’s Kickstart website here


28 thoughts on “Gorgeous George and the Killing of Tony Blair”

  1. I read an article yesterday about how the French minister Fleur wotsit is going to regulate these crowd financing sites out of business. The banks have been lobbying apparently and don’t appreciate these alternative sources of finance. Our craven government licks the boots of Evil again.

  2. I am no fan of George either, he is pretty dodgy, alas. But I do agree it is time someone exposed Blair, what a creep. I went on the anti war march and I will never forget that whole cynical betrayal. So I will be feeling down the back of the sofa for a few 10ps for George and will also post on my FB page. I hope that this blog allows me to comment now. For some weeks WordPress has blocked me all the time, but I THINK I found a way around the problem.

    If you see this comment you will know I have succeeded.

  3. The only problem here is that George is making this film.
    Had a respectable journalist embarked upon this it might work, George however is neither respected not a journalist. His truth is a lie sadly.

    The facts re Blair are well known, bringing him to the Hague will not happen. Interesting how the whitewash enquiry that cost so much and took so much time has as yet not reported. I wonder why….?

  4. How many of us would rejoice to see that smirking, oleaginous lump of greed and corruption brought to trial. But I fear his tentacles reach so far that he will slither his slimy way beyond the reach of the justice he deserves.Vile, simply vile, a disgrace to the human race.

    1. I’m afraid I have to agree. He and his kind have corrupted public life so much that they can stroll away from their crimes scot free….but I’d still like to see a good expose of what he has been up to.

  5. I’m afraid I’m with Tynecastle. I dislike Galloway and Blair equally.
    Nothing except publicity for George is going to come out of any film he makes. He starts off with a reputation for being sickening and self-serving himself; Blair has been found out already, his reputation is in shreds. And still he and his cronies rule okay.

    Nothing will come of any of it; the way nothing came of the people’s march.
    Could politicians’ standing in the world sink any lower? Yet, nothing happens. Watching the gyrations at the party conferences leaves me fuming in disgust, another two years with this current heap of manure; but I’m asking you, can you see an alternative?

    I’m too old for this, I need to dig myself a nice deep hole and hide in it.

    1. Gorgeous George has his faults….and self publicity is one of them, I agree.
      But if that self publicity takes the form of bringing Blair’s iniquity to the light of day…not hust the war crimes but the profiteering from same – then it’s worth a few bob.

      I agree too as to the standing of the current batch of politicians….but it is up to us to get rid of them and their system…they’re not going to do it for us.
      None of us can do much….but we ought to try.

      1. Yes, yes, we are agreed that something needs to be done. but what?
        give me an acceptable alternative and I’ll follow you to the grace.
        All politicians turn into monsters. I was in Union politics myself, following in my idealistic grandfathers footsteps. but even he became disillusioned, although his ideas very nearly became his death warrant. at the end of his life he despaired,: had all of it been in vain? He asked himself.

        I don’t believe it had, he achieved a lot, but he saw the idiots he had tried to educate fall back into cow like regurgitating of the same old platitudes and the same old self interest.

    1. I’d replied to this and suddenly the juice was cut off!
      I feel the way you do most of the time…what’s the point, what can I, an old bat well past it’s prime (well me, I don’t know about you!) do about anything…..
      And I understand how your grandfather felt…my father went through most of the world changing events of the 20th century and wondered sometimes why he’d bothered when he saw those who had benefited from the struggle to achieve his ideals sitting on their BTMs and swallowing the consumerist medicine that would geld them, while the teachers who had come up through a good education system wrecked it for their own pupils and left them vulnerable to propaganda.

      But hope springs eternal. We do know better.

      We can’t do much, individually, but we can talk to our friends, to people we meet, to the groups we frequent as a step to building the solidarity we are going to need when times get harder.

      Disgust at the deceit of the the entry into the war in Irak resulted in the refusal to bomb Syria….people do have some, limited power even though it means using it through the corrupt political parties…and a growing solidarity might mean the possibility of breaking their stranglehold on elected office – if it means starting with local goverment candidates where independence still has a faint chance of succeeding.

      There’s blog post up today you might be interested in reading…a bit condescending, but interesting all the same.


  6. I think what possibly annoys me about Blair more than anything else is that I get the sense that he believes that he’s really a very good man, just a bit misunderstood. If you’re going to be a crook and a hypocrite at least be clear sighted about yourself.

  7. I absolutely agree with your comment above – his self-deception is unbounded. I actually think he is mad…
    Gorgeous George makes my bile rise also but he’s not mad. And not good. Much more needs to be done to expose what Blair did but George is not the man – he hasn’t got the credibility required to do it properly. (Actually, should persuade my husband to do it….he’s been muttering about it for long enough!)

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