Exploring France

toutes directionsI’m closing an existing blog and, rather than lose the posts have put them on a page – ‘Exploring France’ -which you can find above the header photograph alongside ‘Home’ and ‘About’.

I’ve put two up here on the main blog previously…but I think they best belong in a category of their own, describing as they do some early visits to France…long before I ever came to live there.

It strikes me as being a rather clumsy process….one following on from the other…so if anyone has any idea as to how to better present them I’d be glad to hear!

But, for the monent, there they are…demerdez-vous!


16 thoughts on “Exploring France”

  1. One cannot help but feel that perhaps you should be selling these delightful tales rather than giving them away for free.

    Perhaps in your second bestseller maybe?

  2. I love the photo. A swift roll through Exploring France did not give me a glimpse of it, so I’ll leave that page for a winter’s afternoon.
    Although I do not speak the language, there is little ambiguity about the sign. I thought the little yellow sticker might say “have heart” until I saw MERDEZ! Something about death. So, I looked it up. Preserver. Even more hilarious. You warmed up a cold morning.

    1. That sign took me straight back to France!

      The sticker is lovely as a commentary…the ‘root’ word you need is ‘merde’ – shit…so the meaning runs like this
      ‘Sort it out for yourself….’ or get yourself out of the shit….

      1. Better yet! I may need to have a gross printed up. Adhesive backs and everything. There are so many places to stick them.

  3. A good idea to separate them out, but I’m afraid I have no idea how to arrange them in a different way. Thanks for enlarging my French vocabulary too. Very expressive. 🙂

    1. Well, there are other translations…

      I’ve been looking on WordPress and it seems Ican do sub pages…but then there’s all sorts of stuff about having references on the side bar and altering URLs…so i’ll have to look again.

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