Is it time for the quiet revolution?

Blogging is both a small and a big world….we ‘meet’ other people, hear what is on their mind and it starts us thinking – and acting together.

I found this post from Lindsay really inspirational and have her permission to reblog it here.

I think it might well strike a chord with those of you kind enough to comment here…she starts by talking about her village in France and expands lessons learned there to the large scale.

Life and the Lot

I am tired by the turbulence and unsettled by the political jostlings. I am unsure where the final rounds of voting in the local elections in France on Sunday will leave us all.

Will this be a new dawn for local politics where there will be openness, transparency and accountability? Will future projects be relevant and undertaken after thorough and sound research and public consultation? Will decisions be made based on the best interests of most people with vested interests eschewed? Might there be imaginative solutions and risk taking and daring to deviate from the well trodden path of ‘we don’t do it like that here’?  Are the talents and energies of interested, local people likely to be harnessed for the greater good of all?

In the village where I live, I watch and wait to see. Benefit and doubt etc. But I won’t be holding my breath.

The ‘Puppet…

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14 thoughts on “Is it time for the quiet revolution?”

  1. Not as things stand when we seem to assume that government has the right to do as it pleases…to provide or not to provide….and has the monopoly of action.

    Our ancestors fought a terrible battle against that notion….and won. We had the fruits of that victory in the post war period in Britain – and threw it away for the bribes that led us back into the mire.

    I don’t think you are cynical…you are realistic….but realities can change and we can, in our small, individual, snailspace way,change them.

  2. Excellent post by Lindsay. I really think that there is something in the air – a mixture of disgust at the cynicism and self-serving behaviour of politicians, suspicion of big businesses (all those food scandals) and a feeling that we are being misinformed and manipulated by the media. Never has lack of confidence in the Powers that Be been so high. Good news!

  3. ‘Only do work you love with people that you like. Life’s too short to work with people you don’t like.’ My soul is telling me to make this my new mantra.

    1. Yes, the filth seems to have managed to maintain his grip….Lindsay’s suggestions will be the way forward for those who reject his view of the world.
      We have an election result coming up….and if the chap who should win wins he’ll have a hell of a time cleaning out the Augean stables left behind by the last lot.
      If he doesn’t then I think we’ll see people in the streets…..

  4. Very interesting re-post. I do agree that trying to fit into the existing political structures and trying to influence them is so often a waste of time and energy. The description of the utterly dysfunctional council meeting is all too typical I think. Just finding your own quiet ways to improve your life and other people’s lives makes a lot more sense right now.

    1. If only we can realise it, we can be much more independent of government structures than we think….and by setting up our own projects alongside can perhaps finds solutions which are more acceptable and practical.

  5. Thanks for pointing us to that thought-provoking article, Helen. I think we’ve been seeing some of this happening very quietly for a while now, as public services are cut and people are thrown back on their own resources. Sadly, too often the powers-that-be hinder rather than help these initiatives which I find shameful. Politics seem to be all about power and control rather than service. Sigh….

    1. Yes, in a way, government mishandling of public finances has led people to find they they are not as dependent on the state as they thought….but I worry about those not capable of organising themselves whether through mental capacity,lack of proper education, illness or the grinding deleterious effects of continued poverty.
      They were the people the welfare state was founded to assist…and it has failed them..instead they are in the hands of profit making agencies and self aggrandising ‘charities’ run on the same lines.

  6. queste tematiche e queste domande stanno attraversando trasversalmente tutti i paesi, mi sembra che ovunque ci sia molta incertezza, e che forse ci si aspetti, anche per questo un grande cambiamento e soprattutto grande stabilità…per quello che penso io credo che purtroppo non possa cambiare molto! Dovrebbe essere soppresso il grande egoismo e le grandi prevaricazioni globali!
    Grazie cara Helen per aver proposto questa pagina interessante
    buon giorno

    These issues and these questions are crossing across all countries, it seems to me that anywhere there is a lot of uncertainty, and that perhaps we expect, this is a big change and, above all, stability … for that I think I believe that unfortunately cannot change much! Should be deleted the great selfishness and large global abuse!
    Thanks dear Helen for having proposed this page interesting
    good morning

    1. You are right that we can’t change much at the existing national political level…we have, in effect, been excluded from any influence there and our masters have no interest in furthering our interests.
      All we can do is to collaborate with each other to rebuild solidarity – the factor that will eventually allow us to resist.
      Lindsay’s post was most timely, I thought…

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