Let Sleeping Lambs Lie

2014-07-11 19.45.32

Hold on…who goes there?

2014-07-11 19.46.30

Friend or foe?

2014-07-11 19.46.33

Refuse to answer, do you! Have at you, sir!


42 thoughts on “Let Sleeping Lambs Lie”

    1. That’s the boy!
      He has a bower in the undergrowth for snoozing on dry afternoons, whence he can keep an eye on those approaching the house.
      I wish I’d been able to capture the leap rather better….

    1. He can be very loving…we had visitors yesterday and he was the centre of attention for two little boys who hung round his neck all afternoon.
      He doesn’t take kindly to people who don’t acknowledge him though….

    1. The chap came to inject the bullocks the day before yesterday and made the mistake of going straight to the pen without calling at the house…..Monty took great exception and the chap had to leap into the pen to take refuge…

    1. His wool has to be plucked, like that of Shetlands, and it is quite wiry. Now we have more of them I think I might just do a mass plucking next time they grow a coat…

    1. The Alsatian has retired from guard duties….more snoozing time for him! Monty is quite territorial….but if you acknowledge him he is fine.
      If not, watch it!

  1. I;ve known goats like that.Have to properly introduced first. A neighbour was to feed our cats/chickens/goats when we were away.And that was fine, as they all knew her.But she invited some small people for the weekend and the whole troupe charged noisily up the drive…and were damn’ near taken out by Biggles leaping the fence to get away from them.Managed to get him back in the paddock and went up to feed cats…all of whom had gone to ground.Cats demanded double breakfast next day.

  2. How nice to see the boy! He looks well and very fit. Makes a change from the Alsatian guarding the place, and allows him to rest. Clever dog.

    1. The Alsatian is happily undertaking more snoozing time…I think he is now working on a consultancy basis…
      Monty, young and innocent, doesn’t realise he is on a zero hours contract

  3. I do miss not having animals of any kind around the house and garden. If we want to travel though it is not fair….. Hope you are both well. Diane

    1. We are lucky in that Danilo moves into the house if we are not here…and all the animals love him. But I know what you mean about it not being faiur to leave them otherwise…
      I just bet you are busy with the preserving jars already…

    1. If not snoozing in his bower he grazes further off, but the noise of the gates opening is enough to bring him at speed to see what is happening. The Alsatian does not bother to get up these days….he knows that the intern is on the job…

  4. This animal is making me starve.
    I was going to buy lamb in Sainburys but just couldn’t, thinking off Monty!

  5. Hi Helen, so sorry I haven’t been by in quite a while, I have been having health issues, and it seems that it is one after another. Thank you so much for this post and these lovely photos, you made me smile today, I so much appreciate this.

    1. Linda, health is the number one..just take care of yourself., your blog is quite a haven when I am stressed..I should comment more often.
      I’m so glad you enjoyed Monty…the adolescent sheep and trainee security guard!
      I’m glad he made you smile…he makes me smile every time I see him.

  6. I just love Monty. What a character. Thankfully I seem able to comment on blogs again…hope it lasts!

    1. Such a pain, not being ablke to comment, so I’m glad you made it!
      I’m having problems commenting on Blogger sites…but not all of them, which seems odd to me.

      I have to admit that some visitors get a shock when Monty surges through the stand of gingers by the path!
      We had the internet techie out last week…..somehow he got by Monty who then turned up at the front door to check the situation, climbing up on the metal gate. The chap saw something out of the corner of his eye, put out a hand to pat what he took to be a dog and nearly dropped to find that it was Monty! then he went back to his van for his camera so that we could take a photograph of him with his ‘client’.

      All is well if he is acknowledged…..just a word or a pat will do…but he does not like to be ignored!

    1. Currently peering indignantly in at the back door wondering when we are going to pen up the ducks – with his assistance.
      We open the door of the pen, the ducks waddle past insouciantly and then Monty appears like the demon king on the other side and the ducks leg it into the pen for safety.
      He clearly enjoys this, puffing happily when all are safely gathered in.

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