An Apology

I am fuming.

Not like a heap of manure in winter, warm and sweet…think, rather, active volcano, sulphurous and aggressive.

I follow a number of blogs…and have had trouble commenting on posts on Blogger.
Eventually it sorts itself out.

In the last week or so I have found that my comments on WordPress blogs are not appearing…I see them on the screen as accepted, but on returning to the blog posts in question find that they do not figure.

I am always ready to accept that I have pressed that which should not have been pressed, or ommited to press that which should have been pressed, but I see no such problem in my usage.

I contacted the laughingly called ‘support’of WordPress and was redirected to a forum. I formulated my problem..only to see that something called ‘admin’had closed down my thread before it had begun.

So…if you have any idea what is happening and how to sort it, please let me know.

38 thoughts on “An Apology”

    1. If only WordPress would respond….but that’s too much to hope for. i se that they can manage to put adverts on the bottom of my blog, but actual help seems to be beyond them.

  1. I’d love to know the answer Helen – have been the victim of this happening as well. Type in a comment, click the spot, assume they have been published but then they are never seen again. I’ve contacted bloggers by email and they tell me the comments never arrived. I’d love to know where they are – which part of outer internet space they are languishing?
    And like you I’ve had similar happenings with Blogger – at times I’ve resorted to an old blogger ID and put a link in to the wordpress blog but there have been times when even they haven’t appeared!
    It’s a mystery that’s getting curiouser and curiouser

  2. How exasperating, and how very rude of Admin. You were in the forum, not the forum, weren’t you? Because as you know, they are two different entities. I wish I could help, have Googled for other victims but not yet found a solution.

    I always have trouble commenting on Blogger blogs. Either my ID is unknown, or my URL is invalid, and the only signature Blogger will accept is my Google identity, which means comments do not link back to my WordPress blog. I suspect Google shenanigans there, since they own Blogger.

    The latest comment from you on my blog was dated 10th August.

    My guess is that you are experiencing a temporary blip – like a hot flush only hotter – and it will resolve itself sooner or later. I don’t know whether turning off your computer and restarting might help. Silly as it sounds, when I have an insurmountable problem I do turn on and off several times, not just hibernate, and more often than not normal service is resumed.

    You have a nice day now. 🙂

    1. I did try restoring the computer to its original state…..event hough it meant uninstalling all the crap that came from the factory…games, weather worldwide, etc…but the problem is still there.

  3. I wonder if your comments are being sent to the blogger’s spam file. Sometimes that happens. You can ask the blogger to check their spam folder and see if you’re ‘hiding’ out there. 🙂

  4. That’s awful, Helen. I think you tried to reply to one of my posts and couldn’t. I think someone else had the same problem with that post too. Like you, I thought it was maybe something I’d done or gone via the ‘quick post’ route so not all options were open to me or something like that. Seems to have righted itself now but it’s infuriating that when you take the time & trouble to reply it just goes who knows where & that WordPress aren’t being helpful. when it does go wrong That is particularly disappointing as otherwise I find WordPress quite good. Hope they read your post & pull their socks up. Smartish!

    1. It’s a blasted nuisance…I enjoy the dialogue with the bloggers I follow.
      As to the pulling up of socks /i have a suuspicion that WordPress as an entity doesn’t give a monkeys…

  5. Oh, dear 😦 WordPress just changed their system again and I’ve been having problems with editing and previewing posts. Maybe it’s a temporary glitch.
    I suggest we join forces with our collective anger and use it to power France for the next year (I’ve had it with the summer holidays, give me some normal routine please).

    1. I think that at the moment I could replace all the leaky nuclear power stations without any problem at all, with some left over…do you remember that weird ‘survey’? That was WordPress and I’ve had endless problems since.

        1. Funnily enough, when my WordPress blog had a funny turn today one of the things that happened was the blocking of a pop-up. It was there one minute and gone the next before I could see any details. Also, the postinterface was quite different, apparently a new one, with an option to revert to the old one, which I promptly did. I was wondering if WordPress was being attacked.

  6. Sorry to hear this, Helen, and I’m afraid I have no helpful advice to offer. I have enough problems dealing with the vagaries of the Blogger commenting system at times. I’ve just had a look at the WP Help forums on and it looks to me as if they are as swamped and mainly unresponsive as the Google ones. 😦 Let’s hope, as MM says, that it’s just a temporary glitch.

  7. I am all the more annoyed as it seems so rude to bloggers who put up such interesting and amusing posts…I’ve contacted a few of the people I follow and they have seen no comments for while now….

    As my grandmopther’s neighbour would makes you spit!

    1. The Alsatian is innocent! His modus operandi would be to pick up the laptop and smash it on the ground, tail wagging happily.

      The Costa Rican King Charles Corgi on the other hand….you might have a point….

  8. I hate forums. I may been a Roman Admin Official in a former life. My experience with WordPress is minimal. My experience with Blogger is considerably bigger but not help to you here!

  9. Someone mentioned a survey…so long since I’ve blogged that survey is news to me!
    It’s usually Blogger the buggers-up my comments. I had a hard drive failure a couple of weeks ago and am still floundering with my own stuff, but I can ask around the traps.
    I do, however, suspect the Neighbour!

  10. Your latest comment on my blog appeared in the Spam bin. That’s no help to you, I know, but it may be a step forward from not appearing at all. I’d try using a different browser and see if that helps. I use Chrome, but there are one or two sites where it doesn’t function, so I switch to Firefox.

  11. Now I have a problem here. I thought I left a message on here but it does not show. This means either it did not work or I didn’t type anything and merely thought I had.
    Personally I blame WordPress, just to convince myself my mind is working correctly. Otherwise I have nothing to say re blogs going wrong.
    However the ‘overcrowding’ on the web that has received some publicity may indeed be one cause. I find things slower than before but that could just be my mind of course.
    Anyway, Matron says I must get back into bed…..

    1. Had I been hitting the Highland Park before commenting anything would have been possible…but I hadn’t.

      If you are still poorly you had best order yourself some noni capsules…or I’ll bring some when i come to Europe and post them to you.

  12. I had trouble, Helen, regarding an entirely different issue last week. The response I received from the Forum was vaguely condescending….verging on rude. I had managed to solve the problem in a sort of Mickey Mouse way myself , no thanks to them. Dashed irritating, isn’t it?

  13. I don’t even bother with the forums or help page on Blogger now as they never help. I just keep messing about with my laptop in the hope that something will work (often causing other problems at the same time). I get the problem with being unable to leave comments…this happens often…and I hate it because I think my blogging friends may feel I can’t be bothered.

  14. Helen, I’ve forwarded a link to this article to someone at WP who gave me enormous assistance when I accidentally deleted the Via Lucis site a few years ago. I’ll let you know if I hear back.

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