Another Weather Warning

sisley winter

As we sit back after Christmas Day wondering whether it had really been wise to use that recipe for sweet and sour turkey garnered from the internet we see pictures of the wild weather outside our windows….in our case high winds that nearly lifted the roof from the new house; in the case of Britain, snow making roads impassable, airports closed – and no ferries on the Dover to Calais route.
Continent isolated again.

A new year lies ahead of us, but amongst all the worries about Russia’s economy, the U.K. fiddling its economic figures and whether the labrador presented to President Hollande by some misguided French Canadians will fulfil the promise of its official photograph – where it shows the whites of its eyes in no uncertain manner – and provide yet another juicy way for a French President to die in office, there is one certainty.

We will have weather.

Just as well…whatever would the British find to talk about otherwise?
The U.K. fiddling its economic figures?

You might know the old rhyme about the months of the year:

January brings the snow,
Makes our feet and fingers glow.
February brings the rain,
Thaws the frozen lake again.
March brings breezes sharp and shrill,
Shakes the dancing daffodil.
April brings the primrose sweet,
Scatters daisies at our feet.
May brings flocks of pretty lambs,
Skipping by their fleecy dams.
June brings tulips, lillies, roses,
Fills the children’s hands with posies.
Hot July brings cooling showers,
Apricots and gillyflowers.
August brings the sheaves of corn,
Then the harvest home is borne.
Warm September brings the fruit,
Sportsmen then begin to shoot.
Brown October brings the pheasant,
Then to gather nuts is pleasant.
Dull November brings the blast,
Then the leaves go whirling past.
Chill December brings the sleet,
Blazing fire and Christmas treat.

That version is not exactly how I remember it, but it’s as near as damnit.

This, however, is a much more accurate depiction of my memories of the weather in England in my youth:

I shall go out now and knock down a few coconuts to put in the fridge for a cold drink this evening.
Feel free to hurl whatever you wish…leftover sprouts or vituperation as the inclination takes you.


31 thoughts on “Another Weather Warning”

  1. Love it, what a great post. We return to France Tuesday (weather permitting!) Two weeks of the UK has done us in. How I wish we could pop out and bring down a coconut!!!!! Happy New Year to you both. Diane

      1. Actually, the animal songs are my least favorite, preferring instead their more subtle political jibes at society; like Misalliance

        Did you knpow that economist Stephanie Flanders, often seen on Newsnight is Micheal’s daughter?.

  2. “Bloody January again!” COL! Flanders and Swann are great, and how you broaden my horizons, Helen. By the way, it was 60 Sunny Degrees (Fahrenheit) today in central Virginia. We’re just back from a lovely bike ride on trails teeming with people all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. A gift of a day, this was.

    1. It sounds a perfect day….good weather and happy people.

      Here I am wondering what to do with the mountains of tamales that kind friends have brought….we are provisioned for a siege!

  3. Your post is timely as I am heading to England next week and am anxiously watching the weather forecasts. Here in Bodrum we have had our first very rainy day for ages so have enjoyed being inside. Wish we had some fresh coconuts to knock down.

    1. I used to loathe coconut when young…the dessicated stuff. Fresh – and straight from the tree – has been a revelation.
      As have bananas…in their way.

      Fingers crossed for good weather for your trip!

  4. What is all this talk about the vagaries of weather? Today is sunny, 78 degrees, a few puffy clouds and a lovely trade breeze. Yesterday was the same. Tomorrow looks to be like today. Makes ones wardrobe choices quite simple. Looking ahead, summer will be a few degrees warmer but not much change.

    1. Seems to me that when the Trade Winds lost all those sails they used to fill they spent their strength on tearing off roofs in Central America….

      You must remember that I have updates from the weather front from mother in England…..which always sound remarkably like the Flanders and Swann song.

  5. Everything is coming up roses with UK’s GDP shoving one up the French thanks to hard-working rentboys and ladies of the night emerging from the shadows and being included in the figures. About time these workers were recognised, after all, they’ve had more influence on the political scene ove r the years than voters ever have!

    1. Yes indeed…it’s not what you know but who you know and how you know them!
      I’m just reading Christine Keeler’s memoirs….having lived through the period I had had no idea of the level of corruption! Include all that in the figures and the U.K. would have been a world economic leader!

  6. “In July the sun in hot; is it shining? No, it’s not!” Sums up the typical British summer perfectly. Hoping you had a wonderful Christmas and wishing you an even better 2015.

    1. Nothing much seems to have changed over the years then!

      I hope you and your family had a lovely Christmas together…did you make a tree from Lego, by any chance? All the best for a super year ahead for you all.

  7. It’s about as bleak as bleak could be here at the moment. Just bleak. Utterly and totally bleak.

    Your mention of coconuts transports me back to Kenya, where we could drink madafu – coconut water – straight from the coconut, and it was cooling on steamy days and kept you regular.

    Not that I’m at all envious of you. Of course not.

    Here’s mud in your eye. 🙂

  8. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!

    According to Time and you are sitting in the early afternoon sunshine enduring 77 % of heat. Me, myself and I have just wandered around town in -1 Centigrade, that’s 30 F to you! I cannot tell you how delighted I would have been, holding my hands against a car headlights in an effort to defrost my fingers, to have been offered iced coconut!
    The benefit of course is returning home where the heater in the bedroom had come on and it felt like I was in Barbados, for five minutes, then normality returned. Good job I am not one to complain, at least the high winds, from the north hammering through my window, did not blow the roof off nor bring snow, although some claim to have seen it nearby.
    Watching the game from Inverness this afternoon it was noticeable that snow had been removed from the pitch, but they are used to that up there.
    The Flanders & Swann act were excellent, very 1950’s but really good.
    I enjoyed that as I sit here around a candle trying not to get hypothermia, but don’t worry about us, the noise of the gritting lorries is not too bad, the neighbours wailing re the cold does annoy however and I suspect if this continues we may see more igloos in the park again this year.
    Drat, I’ve just lost the last match….

    1. Then you’ll just have to put on THAT sweater with the lights….

      It’s a good job that you’re not one to complain….I’m sure that had you been offered iced coconut water while prowling the sub zero streets you would have responded in the manner expected of gentlemen from the east coast of civilisation….smartly and with vigour.

      I suspect that if you direct your energies to moving your wailing neighbours into the igloos – having first ‘borrowed’ a box of matches from them – and then inveigle the gritting lorries to demolish same you will find that you keep as warm as toast and have the satisfaction of a job well done…

      You can then return to a peaceful home, light the candle and continue to listen to Flanders and Swann while powering your laptop on a domestic size treadmill.

      Come to think of it, it really is a good job you’re not one to complain….

  9. Brilliant! As soon as I saw the first line of the verse I was filled with eager anticipation of the coming treat. 🙂 I love Flanders and Swann – so funny and wickedly accurate. The weather today is bright, crisp and very clear and cold – real winter at last. I wish it would carry on like this, but it’s forecast to turn grey, damp and milder again….

    1. Like Lehrer, their appeal never fades, does it?

      If winter would just behave itself and keep dry crisp and bright it would be considerably more bearable..but the grey skies and the omnipresent dampness don’t do much to lift the spirits. Safe travels over this holiday period and you have your new home to enjoy in the year ahead.

  10. We do love to talk about the weather don’t we? Lots of rain here at the moment and plenty of mud. Just noticed you mentioned reading Christine Keeler’s memoirs. I also lived through that era but only read press reports so would love to read the book, Can you give me the title, publisher etc so I can either order it from Amazon or get it when I’m next in England. xxx

  11. Wish we could wander out the door and knock down a coconut!! 😦 When we lived in Los Angeles we had a grapefruit, an orange and a lemon tree outside the kitchen door — very handy for b’fast:-)
    Very cold outside today — freezing fog made an appearance this morning so the birds are attacking the feeders with a vengeance!!
    Enjoy the holiday season and all good things to you for 2015

    1. Yes, having breakfast on the branch outside is quite something, isn’t it!
      I’ve been having trouble commenting on Blogger lately…let’s hope it improves in the new year. Have a wonderful year ahead!

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