Merry Christmas


Labour saving Costa Rica! You plant out a poinsettia and you have it for life…

Pots? Humbug!

Wishing you a merry Christmas wherever you are, and thanking you for enlivening this blog with your comments.

45 thoughts on “Merry Christmas”

  1. I wish you a merry merry, I wish you a happy happy and I thank you for all the barbed delights you have entertained me with this year. Enjoy your poisonous Ettia as my youngest daughter insisted they are called, aged 5!

  2. I hope the neighbour does not decide that was his plant and sue!

    Enjoy your Christmas Day and remain an outstanding woman (and Leo an outstanding man!)!.

    1. Thank you…Leo certainly is outstanding…any man who can send his wife into the maelstrom of Christmas week San Jose to pick up the bread order…
      I gather that The Neighbour has taken up with another lady of dubious repute so
      A he has other things on his mind
      B he is in funds again.

      Enjoy Christmas Day and all it means…and don’t get conned into opening the Museum!

  3. And an extra helping to you of health and happiness. Long may you continue to entertain us.
    As to pots being humbug…With so many huge palms in this impoverished brick dust, pots are my boon!

    1. I have a horror of pots after the ritual of carting them all in for winter and out for spring when we lived in France….you needed to be a cross between an all in wrestler and an octpus to achieve it.

  4. What a treat to be able to cultivate your own poinsettia! They’re originally from Mexico aren’t they? Or maybe I’m remembering incorrectly and it’s Costa Rica. Best wishes to the both of you and for a healthy 2016.

  5. I hope you and Leo have had a quiet and happy Christmas, Helen and I wish you both much improved health in 2016. I’ve never had any success with poinsettias. I obviously live in the wrong country. 🙂

    1. Thank you very much….we could do with those wishes coming to pass!

      Until just before Christmas we had a stand of poinsettia under our bedroom window….and then Danilo decided to ‘tidy up’. I could have murdered him|! Luckily he left the other plants alone…

  6. I hope that you had a good Christmas.
    I have never managed to keep a poinsettia, but I do have several ancient Christmas cacti. There must be a moral to that and England is hardly desert country especially at the moment.

  7. Merry Christmas, Helen! I’d barely joined your audience when I left WP for many moons–I haven’t earned that “thank-you” you issued–but I’ll be catching up sometime over the next…days?
    (Probably at about the pace your namefake produced new copy.)

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