Here they come again…


The local elections are upon us…..February 7th is D Day and all the candidates are out trying to secure the confidence of the electorate. If confidence is the right word.

Cars flying party flags are to be seen in the streets…vast posters of the features of the candidates leer from hoardings – though those promoting one candidate in a neighbouring canton have been attacked by an aesthete who has carefully removed said candidate’s head from each one…..

There are not just party candidates…there are independents too.

In the capital the man who stood as presidential candidate for his party and then withdrew in mysterious circumstances has not been dismayed at being banned from standing for the party again for some years. No, far from it. His podgy features beam from posters funded by his personal election committee and only the least charitable of persons could give credence to the rumour that he has to get his hands on the town hall funds  in order to pay off the Mexican syndicate which funded his presidential run….

Just as in the U.K., the candidates are chary of trying door to door canvassing…too many people have pit bulls and those that don’t have machetes.

Wild promises are being made by our local heroes: more employment…roads  to be repaired…the erratic public water supply to be improved… which is generally translated as meaning

‘When I get into power the council will make jobs for my family and friends: sons of friends will be employed to carry out the necessary preliminary studies for road repairs which will take all the years of my mandate with no perceptible improvement in the situation and the only improvement in the water supply will be me, my family and friends pissing on the population from a great height.’

So, recognising that enthusing the voters is a lost cause the candidates have resorted to the tried and tested method of carrot and stick as exemplified in another neighbouring canton where those on low incomes applying for grants to build a house are given to understand that the outcome of their application will depend on the way they cast their  vote…

And don’t talk to me about the secrecy of the ballot….

I lived in a French village where the maire knew exactly which forty four people had voted Front National and thus also knew which car tyres to let down on the night of the election…and if France can  do it Costa Rica will not be far behind.

The social media are busy…publicity, of course, but plenty of accusations of dirty work at the crossroads too – some backed by proof, others solely relying on innuendo – which are inevitably subject to comments expressing shock that the person concerned has been so lost to all sense of decency that they could even contemplate publishing such material in the period before an election….the said comments usually being followed by others pointing out the family relationship shared by the person making the comment and the person commented upon in the initial post.

You will note that I have given examples only from neighbouring cantons….

In our own dear canton, of course, all the candidates are as pure as the driven slush…



38 thoughts on “Here they come again…”

  1. Oh gawd! I think have our variant coming up in March.Not much action yet as schools are still out til next week.But by then, all the voters(ie mums and dads) will be back in harness/shackled and we’ll have mail boxes stuffed with me!me!me! exhortations.
    Good time to unplug and bugger off…

  2. Come Feb 7th, your own Canton will of course find the elections run smoothly and you’ll end up with the Dream Team.
    Of course there’s always the chance I’ll have woken from this dream state by then.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  3. Thinking about the voting process in the voting office, I don’t quite see how the maire found out who voted for what. It’s not like you leave you name and number on the voting slip.

  4. It’s the same the ‘ole world over,
    It’s the poor wot gits the blame.
    It’s the rich wot ……
    Here in Turkey we have reached the stage where actual elections are superfluous and are disruptive to the smooth running of the sultanate!

  5. Having read that I am so glad I live in a nation where there are honest politicians, where skullduggery is unknown and where all referendums can be handled in an honest manner.
    I am of course living in a padded cell at the moment…

  6. That Stargazer’s song would fit nicely along with Trump’s campaigning ads this end. Reminded me of my grand father who was born in Leed’s. They sang those kinds of songs there. Mind you it didn’t take much for me to digress off of the topic of the circus, did I say that?! Off the topic of politics this end. You know where I live. Need I say more? 😉 Have a good weekend down there ya’ll.

  7. ‘When I get into power the council will make jobs for my family and friends: sons of friends will be employed to carry out the necessary preliminary studies for road repairs which will take all the years of my mandate with no perceptible improvement in the situation and the only improvement in the water supply will be me, my family and friends pissing on the population from a great height.’

    If someone would actually come out and admit that I might vote for them. Most all of them are crooks, but, as the old saying goes, I’d prefer it if they didn’t piss on my leg and tell me it’s raining.

    1. Too many candidates here to overthrow the ancien regime…who will have the votes of all their real and fictive employees, contractors and the cousins – whom they reckon up in dozens – and aunts of same

  8. It’s quite extraordinary that politicians are the same the world over – narcissistic preening pompasses who genuinely think the rest of the population, particularly those powered with voting for them are idiots. Add in a healthy dollop of corruption and you have a one size fits all that works the world over. Depressing.

    1. Today all the candidates are having a meeting with the Minister for the Environment,the chief of the Water Board and the understrapper for employment (clearly the minister for roads didn’t feel it safe to emerge from his bunker).
      Unfortunately…by some oversight….they ‘forgot’ to publicise it so there were no members of the public present…to start with.
      It has since been publicised on the local online news so I suspect that will change in pretty short order…
      No risk of it ending before the public arrive -the worthies hadn’t yet had lunch.

  9. I am sure your elections there are quite similar to what we had (and they still have) in Africa, a forgone conclusion. The politicians are all untruthful and the results are rigged!
    I hope health wise things are under control, I think of you both often. Diane

    1. Health wise things are stable at the moment…thank you for thinking of us.

      Usually it would be as you say…but after the shock of the last presidential election I suppose some faint hope flutters still!

  10. There was a time when I read your analysis of Costa Rican goings ons, and grinned at your comments about how France has done it all before….now I think…..mmmm, Calderdale, Yorkshire, England, Caunes, Minervois, Languedoc, whatever the new huge Languedoc Rousillon Midi Pyrenees region has decided to call itself, France……Jx

  11. Local elections are still more than three months away here, but electioneering has already started. The promises are perhaps less blatant that you portray but probably just as unlikely to be fulfilled if past experience is anything to go by. What I find worse is the things that weren’t promised or even hinted at, but are then neatly executed whether we like it or not.

    1. To me it is quite improper to go to the country without disclosing your intentions….but to be charitable I suppose the current U.K.government only know what to do when their paymasters tell them.

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