Panama U.K.


Panama has been in the news recently thanks to revelations of the activities of one of its law firms which specialises in helping rich buggers to get richer by avoiding taxes which those of us whose net worth is peanuts are forced to pay.

For Scots, Panama has another claim to fame: the collapse of the  Darien scheme of the late 1690s, a project aimed at breaking the restrictions on Scottish trade posed by he English Navigation Acts by  setting up a trading entrepot straddling the  the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.  Given the level of investment lost in its downfall Scotland was effectively bankrupt and thus  weak enough to allow the movers and shakers of the time to abandon independence  and accept the Act of Union with England in 1707.

Such a parcel of rogues in a nation.

And in the waters of Panama, off the port of  Nombre de Dios, lies the body of Sir Francis Drake..inveterate foe of Spain who attacked their silver fleets and their colonies in the Americas year after year…not forgetting his participation in the defeat of the Armada celebrated in  Newbolt’s poem:

Drake’s drum was returned to England at his death and forms another of the legends concerning heroes who will arise from sleep when their country is in peril.

Finn McCoolCadwalader, King Arthur….every country seems to have one – though typically enough the only Scottish one that comes to mind is Thomas the Rhymer. – but then the Scots, ‘secure in valour’s station’, don’t need dead heroes to stir them up….

But it appears to me that it is well time someone started to beat out that rhythm on Drake’s drum, to summon him to the rescue of his country which is fast going not to the dogs, but to the hyenas.

Britain has a referendum to decide whether or not to stay in the bosom of the European Union with  the unforeseen consequence that it will force voters to look at the state of their country as they try to decide whether to keep ahold of nurse or whether ‘Tis not too late to seek a newer world’..

Can the U.K. survive outside the E.U. is the question.

But the answer demands an examination of the U.K. as it stands.

Does the U.K.have an industrial base? Does it make anything that people wish to buy?

Decades of successive governments have willfully destroyed the industrial potential of the U.K., replacing it with a financial services sector. Do other people wish to buy these services?


Despots, oligarchs, exploiters of the human race are all in favour.

London is the money laundering capital of the world.

This provides rich pickings for the bum brushers of the City  of London…but nothing for the rest of the population.

In those same decades education has suffered both in availability and quality….

The National Health Service too – in the cause of letting private profit exploit public need.

Employment now means existing on precarious contracts – how can one found a family life on that? How can one buy goods beyond the bare essentials for life?

The country is in hock both financially and morally.

Slavery lives in the U.K. as official life turns a blind eye to the fate of indentured servants of wealthy Arabs who come to live in the country….

Arms are sold to countries who support groups which are a threat to the U.K…..

U.K. politicians support armed interventions which benefit only the U.S.A. companies who direct its government – and bring risk to the general population who do not benefit from the security surrounding the rich and powerful.

I have both fear and hope: fear that the generations accustomed to cowed acceptance of propaganda rather than suspicion of it will  let things stand as they are – hope that being forced to make a decision will make people look further; ask themselves if the the country they want it to be…and, if not, what they can do to change it.

And Sir Francis Drake…arriving at Plymouth Hoe, dripping water from his suit of armour? I suspect he would take one look at the U.K. and, had he acquired  a grasp of the Glaswegian vernacular in his sojourn in the hereafter, announce that if anyone thought he could solve the problems  – drum or no drum – then  their ‘erse was oot the windae’.








25 thoughts on “Panama U.K.”

  1. Drake, along with the rest of his charter-holding privateer colleagues, was but a forerunner of the parasitic suits that, these days, infest the smoke-filled rooms of London and New York. The parallels between the ginger Virgin Queen and the ginger Iron Lady are striking.
    You are, with immediate effect, added to our rather exclusive list of interesting dinner guests should you ever wander to this neck of the jungle. This post has started my day well, thank you!

    1. I wouldn’t mind seeing some of the modern suits on the deck of a wooden warship under fire….brown trousers the order of the day! And a bit of keel hauling wouldn’t come amiss either…

      Thank you for your most flattering remark….

  2. Yes, I wonder which side Drake would be on in the referendum? For some time I’ve had no idea how I’ll vote, but I’m coming round to a Yes vote and staying with the status quo simply because nobody has any clear idea about what would happen if we left the EU. There are lots of wild arguments and statistics and predictions but none of them are convincing and it’s all basically an unknown quantity. Things might get better or they might get a lot worse, especially if the Tories have a free rein to do whatever they want. I don’t fancy a complete leap in the dark.

    1. I was always opposed to going in and what I see of the way in which the EU now operates does nothing to reassure me.
      I’m well aware that going out would still leave the U.K. in the hands of the crazed megalomaniacs who are tearing it apart – but it’s one layer of power crazed evildoers less – and there then might be some hope of bringing the TTIP negotiations into the open.
      Easy for me to say,being out of it…but if there is – as there would be – an attack on sterling my pension goes down the drain. Worth it to be out of the EU.

  3. Yes indeed it is a challenge this EU choice.
    Independence means being ruled by Tories who have little idea outside their own small world. Privatisation for ideology and little else. Bring back MacMillan I say, he at least was famously more to the left than Tony Blair!
    In the EU we are ruled by those who lose money easily, make absurd demands and allow little freedom of choice.
    However some in the EU, Holland and others, especially with the migrants problem, are becoming fed up with so much of EU bull. I sense a change somewhere.
    What will I do? No idea yet as the questions asked are not answered and few really know the answers.
    We need you as PM now madam!

    I am off the belief that this government is a judgement upon the nation. Our chosen lifestyle of thoughtless liberalism has led to this, adding also the end of the real ‘working class’ and their desperate need for homes and jobs. The world has changed and the moral conscience has gone.

    1. Thank you for your invitation to lead a government in the interests of all right – or is that left? – thinking people…
      I shall be arriving shortly armed with a horsewhip.

      The direction taken by the EU conforms my view that it is ‘a bad thing’ – it was supposed to be a counterbalance to the U.S.A. – and now it does its bidding – look at the meddling in the Ukraine, and the shady negotiations on TTIP…
      Corrupt and dangerous…

      I agree with you…we have brought this upon ourselves by our pursuit of pelf, allowing society to be torn apart the better for the hyenas to prey on us.

      I keep thinking to myself…we are better than this….

  4. You mess with Caladonia and it comes back to bite ya! And interesting question about UK surviving outside of it EU relationship. I can argue it both ways, but like all future prophesies what happens remains to be seen. Such is the case with our front running Republican candidate. If that hasn’t taught me nothing predicts the future, then… you get the point. Have a nice Sunday to you and yours.

    1. Nemo me impune lacessit…probably best brought up to date as ‘See me, wee man?…’
      Yes, who would have guessed at Trump – my mother, by the way, refers to him as Shrek.
      Hope all is well with you all.

  5. I do hope that in searching their souls to find the answer as to whether they want to be in or out, that the Great British public will look at what they have made and allowed to be made and feel that the time is perhaps right to change a few fundementals. Perhaps standing alone might make this happen – may recent visit did nothing to instil any confidence and I am afraid nothing to make me want to return to live there.

    1. All I see is spin…..I do hope that people will look past this, try to investigate for themselves – but doubt it. Too many years of submitting to a media avalanche of trivia…..
      People should look at what their country has become…and what it has lost.
      I enjoy visiting…but I’m not there long enough to gain more than a general impression.

      1. Too many years of absorbing greedily all that is worst about the USA and an understanding that being Great does not mean building an empire or interfering in others affairs when not invited would be a start. Britain is a wonderful place founded on some really strong ethics – reaching back to the past triumphs of science, art and culture without thinking we have to rule the waves or indeed any of the world would be a clue to making a country independent of Europe that I would be proud to say is my birthplace

    1. I’m often tempted to sponsor a coach to take mother and her Royal British Legion colleagues up to the Houses of Parliament to do a reenactment of Pride’s Purge…

  6. I can’t vote either, but will certainly be affected by the outcome. I’m with you on the one layer less of evil-doers, but it’s also easy for me to say, where I cannot put my vote where my mouth is (as it were).

    Unsettling times.

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