And he shall judge among the nations, and shall rebuke many people: and they shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruninghooks: nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more.

London has once again been the target of a murderous attack on its people: not the politicians…the people, as in Manchester so recently.

The attacks appear to be on a society, not the politicians who, with their noses up the arses of Bush and Obama, helped to destroy what stability there was in Irak, in Libya and in Syria while their paymaster, Saudi Arabia,  destroyed Yemen.

In the past, those in revolt attacked those directly responsible  The bombs, les machines infernales, sought to kill the politicians, without thought, no doubt, for the coachmen, footmen and other servants who might well suffer as well.

But they did not attack the populace at large.

Now, thanks to the destabilisation of secular regimes in the Middle East and North Africa, our government has given legitimacy to the barbarians whose resistance  backs up their claims to combat the  west`s commercial hegemony in those territories.

The same barbarians who think it good to kill people who do no harm…just as our government has done in their countries.

An election comes in the U.K. on June 8th.

Whatever your views, whatever your background, do not vote for parties who will perpetuate arms sales to corrupt regimes because a vote for these sales will perpetuate the killings of innocent people.




31 thoughts on “And he shall judge among the nations, and shall rebuke many people: and they shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruninghooks: nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more.”

  1. Funny…I have been whistling “London Pride” since I heard about the latest shit to befall ordinary folk.
    Of course, I write from a country that, in the names of jobs and profit(not necessarily in that order) continues to mine much of the stuff that goes into weaponry manufacture.From the humble BB to enriched uranium.
    “….has been handed down to us…”

  2. I’m not old enough to remember De Gaulle, but my knowledge of his tenure as the leader of post-World War II France was that he wasn’t afraid to buck both Washington and London to do what he thought was in the best interests of France, and France alone. He was far from perfect, but he appears to have possessed the guts to stand alone when he felt the situation called for it. It would seem the world would benefit from more leaders with a little more of his independent streak, at least in that area.

  3. It is so simple that I can’t understand why people don’t see it. The West sells arms and propagates wars in the Middle East. Hundreds of thousands of innocent people die as a result. Some of the survivors feel a bit miffed that their families and friends have died. They decide to do something about it. More innocent people die. Provocation = retaliation. Of course I don’t condone it but I can see the reasoning behind it. Pity all those who have to die for the profit of the arms manufacturers.

    1. As the wartime generation could tell current politicians…bomb the hell out of people and they will seek revenge. Britain must, in its own interests, cut adrift from the U.S. foreign policy format….let May and her ilk back in and the next thing we know the army will be sent out to back up the U.S. in its African adventures…

  4. They still refuse publicly to accept past actions have a great deal to do with resentment felt.
    Corbyn will be less likely to run after the arms men however thousands of jobs, strong unions and reality will say he does nothing. Whoever is in charge these attacks are now with us for some time.

    These attacks indeed happen elsewhere, few car if 80 die in Kabul, and more Muslims will die unheeded here, killed by Muslims during Ramadan. A sad situation.

    1. Yes, where are the ribbons on Facebook posts…where are the `we are Kabul, Baghdad`messages….can people really not empathise with those families facing terrible grief and hardship because they are outside Europe?
      I would hope that Corbyn would act …at least to stop feeding Saudi Arabia as a first step though I agree that with Brexit and the current economic crisis putting a stop to the trade entirely would be a mammoth job.
      The best thing for any politician to do is to make the use of fossil fuels obsolete as swiftly as possible….think about it, turn on the engine of your car and you support Wahhabism.
      No wonder you stick to your bike.

  5. Chalmers Johnson ‘Blowback: The Costs and Consequences of American Empire’ – and on their lapdogs and lackies in the NATO/FUKUS/GCC/NAZIonist cabal. The Sheeple say ‘I can’t be bothered with politics’, stupid arses, when politics is in every breath we take. They call these ‘terrorist’ attacks and say they are cowardly – these people in those countries that have been hit the Western powers with the most sophisticated weaponry and troops on the planet in the pursuit of hegemony and profit, hit back by whatever means they can put their hands on. I do not condone violence but I understand why this stuff is happening because were I in the same position I would retaliate with whatever I could lay my hands on too! Damn their eyes but first damn to the gallows all of those Western ‘leaders’ whose hands are steeped in the blood of the defenceless. Read John Pilger on the background to the ‘Manchester Boys’ fighters of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group led by Abdelhakin Belhadj – formed, trained and equipped by MI6. Teresa May was Home Secretary who signed off on letting them leave the country for Libya. Chickens come home to roost and the responsibility does not lie at the doors of Muslims but at those of Blair, Bush x2, Sarkozy, Cameron, May, et al. Never forget that al-Qa’ida and its offshoots and re-brandings is the creation and tool of the US. That the Muslim Brotherhood had been fully infiltrated and used by MI6 within two years of its founding! People want security and peace? Then vote for politicians that stand for peace and arms control in the semblance of democracy that is the UK, or France, or US, or Germany, or Israel, etc, etc, etc!!!

    1. To let known terrorists loose in furtherance of dubious aims is the ultimate in the perversion of values that now characterises British politics:
      Hiding heads in sand is not going to solve anything…people have a chance at this election to overthrow a regime which is hollowing out its own country in the interests of big business: stop worrying about whether Corbyn is willing to incinerate millions in a nuclear war and start worrying about the consequences of the wars Britain has supported.
      Bring back lamp posts….they would have a rich harvest.

    1. Leaders have security…..May puts troops on the streets – to protect Parliament and the Queen.
      Ordinary people can go hang…they are seen as expendable.
      And probably some dingy statistician in the bowels of the Conservatve Party offices is calculating the effect on the floral tribute trade…

  6. Most abhorrent and horrific is the deliberate choice of innocent little ones as victims. As you note, collateral damage of non-combatants has always been part and parcel of warfare but it is simply heinous, pure evil, to target events expressly designed to appeal and attract children.

  7. I have too much to say to inflict it all on you here! As you know, I have been pondering the nature of the humans who can do such things. I haven’t reached a conclusion, though I find myself shocked to agree with Trump for once – these are people whose patriarchal world’s foundations are crumbling – they are losers, unable or unwilling to give in or adapt.
    I agree with much of what you say here. I am afraid that even if Corbyn were elected he would have hard times ahead with the unions and the aerospace and related industries. Not to mention vested interests int he status quo. Anyway, I am not hopeful for the election result. Where I live the official Labour clique is set on sticking to its guns and rounding up votes for Labour where a tactical vote to continue our Lib Dem representation would save us from a Tory. I can only hope that the apparent shift in the polls may at least mean May does not get the whopping majority she expected. She has shown her true colours and true abilities – but no doubt that will all be ignored – for now. Heaven only knows what we can expect from her successor.

    1. If people vote for May…and for anyone in her party, now then they have to be living in a different world to that of reality.
      How can the country be secure with the secret services running amok, leaving dangerous individuals at large….with govrnments intent on selling arms to the very countries who are funding the problems of radicalisation…
      How can the economy be left in the hands of goons who have ruined industry, rewarded tax fiddlers and wilfully deprived of work the very people whose consumption keeps thinsg going…
      But, of course, there will be people who will vote Tory from habit as there will be people who will not vote Labour because of Brexit, who will vote Lib Dem as a plague on both the houses of the others….

      By the by, your e mail did not get through…I will try to e mail you.

  8. All these attacks seem to be primarily the work of individuals, or groups of individuals, who’ve been brainwashed into a totally perverted idea of Islam and religious belief. The only way to stop the attacks is to discredit this warped “religious” ideology, and that’s going to be a very long haul, given all the political destabilisation you’ve mentioned.

    1. How you discredit a whirlwind is beyond me…except to cut off the funding that feeds it.
      Investigating the Saudi and Quatari funding of mosques and so called community projects over Europe might be a good start…but can you trust the security services to do anything about it…not in my view. They have supra national interests at heart and for them ordinary people – us – are expendable.

  9. My second daughter (aged 27) lives in Malaysia. She has tried and tried over the past week to get people to join her in standing for the people of Kabul and Baghdad. She has nearly 2,000 followers and is a digital marketeer whatever that means (it basically means she understands how social media works and can usually leverage a huge response to her statements). To my knowledge I am the only person who has shared her posts and the rest have just ‘liked’ what she has said. Deplorable. More deplorable are the politicians who have caused all of this. Decades and decades ago they set cast the die. And yet intelligent people, supposedly educated and able minded folk continue to feed the war-machine. I would like to thank you for this post. Humbly and from the bottom of my heart and I would like to ask if I can share it on FaceBook. It’s simple truth might just get a few to see sense when they go to the polls on Thursday. For my part, I have already voted. Strategically. By which I mean I put my X in the box of the candidate most likely to roll the Tory over. Because I for one cannot in all conscience stand by and do nothing to at least try and stop the carnage.

  10. It is as if the people living in the countries ruined by the actions of the U.S. and its bum brushers have ceased to have any human status: have we no compassion unless people look like us, or live in places we have lived in? Are we really as egoistic as that?
    By all means share the post….as one of the many òld lady`jokes would have it…every little helps..

  11. And it May gets back in , it can only get worse. Is it only people living outside the UK that can see this – I’m baffled by the selective blindness.

    1. I have been talking to friends – and mother – about this…the majority view seems to be that died in the wool Tories will always vote Tory based on the always keep ahold of nurse principle. Then add to that he deliberate starving of funds to local government, the break up of the NHS presented as inefficiency and no wonder the gullible fall for it.
      It does help to be miles…preferably thousands of miles…away from it all…except that the buggers have got my pension.

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