I’ve missed Saturnalia Again…

No, not Satyrnalia….sit down at the back there!…..though you might be forgiven for the confusion.

Saturnalia was the ancient Roman festival of the winter solstice when the world was turned upside down…decorum and status forgotten, masters serving their slaves – well, a bit like the officers serving other ranks in the Army, a bit of fun for one day and then back to the status quo.

Faced with feeding, watering and bedding down the menagerie singlehanded on Christmas Day…to be done again on New Year’s Day…it occurred to me that it would be nice to have a Saturnalia when the menagerie could look after me.

Having visions of dogs like those of Beorn who could walk on their hinds and lay tables I dreamt of hens laying an early morning egg, to be soft boiled and served to me on a tray with a tray cloth accompanied by a cup of tea.

Reality intervened, though. I know what would happen if Sophie entered the hen house…much squawking, feathers flying and hens taking to the hills. Even if by some miracle an egg could be obtained it would be appropriated by Bunter and Einstein – who always have a morning egg – as their property so all that I was likely to get would be a leftover bone – probably well chewed – proffered by kindly Plush only to be snatched away by his mother, little Scruffy, to be buried in the pillows and defended against all comers.

So forget Saturnalia…and even Satyrnalia. At least on the domestic scene.

But there is a chance of Saturnalia – the world turned upside down – in post Brexit politics in the United Kingdom, which might well become the Disunited Kingdom should Scotland press for its independence.

The Independence Referendum of 2014, which resulted in a vote for Scotland to remain in the union, was supposed to be a once in a lifetime event…as usual, though, nobody specified whose lifetime.

Then came the 2016 Brexit referendum where the majority of constituencies in Scotland voted to remain in the European Union whereas those in England mainly wanted to leave its clutches.

Thus, argue the Scottish National Party – SNP – who are in a majority in the Scottish Parliament and hold a significant block of seats in the Parliament of the United Kingdom, regardless of whose lifetime it may be, there has been a dramatic change in the relations between Scotland and the rest of the U.K. which justifies another Independence Referendum, allowing Scotland the possibility of applying to remain in the E.U. as an independent nation.

Given the Tory majority in the U.K. Parliament, this view is unlikely to obtain the necessary votes…the Tories are not called the Conservative and Unionist Party for nothing – even if they have just dumped Northern Ireland into the lap of the E.U. as part of their disgraceful Withdrawal Agreement with the said body. Northern Ireland has cattle…Scotland has oil.

What, then, is to be done?

Invoke the Declaration of Arbroath? That document of 1320 addressed to the pope of the time to ask for his intervention to stop the incursions of the English in their quest for sovereignty. Based on the Celtic traditions of kingship, where the seven mormaers – earls – of the kingdom elected the high king, those signing up to the Declaration stated that should Robert Bruce betray them and submit to English rule they would deny him as king in the name of the freedom which they proclaimed to be that of the kingsom of Scotland.

Rather like Magna Carta, the Declaration of Arbroath has taken on the false glamour of democracy …but it still resounds in Scottish history.

“As long as but a hundred of us remain alive, never will we on any conditions be brought under English rule. It is in truth not for glory, nor riches, nor honours, that we are fighting, but for freedom – for that alone, which no honest man gives up but with life itself”.

However, when Scottish economic power crumbled at the failure of the Darien scheme in the 1690s the powers that then were acceded to the Act of Union of 1707…celebrated by the song, such a parcel of rogues in a nation

Indeed, Scotland might be secure in valour’s station…but valour had no value when weighed against the bribes to the members of the Scottish parliament.

So Scotland became North Britain, part of the United Kingdom – again leaving aside the history of relations with the island of Ireland.

It accepts the reign of Elizabeth II…though no Elizabeth I ever ruled in Scotland and the lady in question uses the title of Queen of Scotland rather then the traditional title of Queen of Scots….but that might have to change with independence.

So, once again… how to proceed?

Armed rebellion? Blue bonnets over the border?

My backside. The only armed rebellion in the U.K. these days comes from drug gangs fighting for possession of the streets.

Set the Wee Free loose on the English? For those not acquainted with this body think a Scottish Presbyterian version of the Spanish Inquisition. It did not work in the Civil War and is unlikely to win hearts and minds now…especially as its face is firmly set against satyrnalia of any sort.

There has to be an answer..a constitutional answer…. to force the U.K. parliament to accede to another Independence Referendum for Scotland.

The current leader of the SNP in the House of Commons is so boring that he can empty the chamber faster than a thirsty Glaswegian can sink a pint of heavy. Success will not come from his portentious utterings.

So the SNP must change tactics.

.During the Brexit votes the SNP members sang or whistled the Ode to Joy…adopted by the E.U. The then deputy speaker was not too chuffed.

This can be the new weapon of the SNP…but one that reflects the Scots heritage.

Forget reasoned argument…that has never worked in the House of Commons.

Go for the jugular!

Give them Scotland’s finest!

Jimmy Shand and his Band….

And if that is not enough then unleash the nuclear option…..

Donald Where’s Your Troosers…

Forget the claymores charging out of the mist at Prestonpans…their day is over…but between them Jimmy Shand and Andy Stewart can bring victory home to Scotland…

If the SNP follow my advice we’ll have independence before we know it!

I would like to thank you for your company this past year and wish you all the best for the year to come.

Lang may your collective lums reek!


41 thoughts on “I’ve missed Saturnalia Again…”

  1. The powerful question posed, how to proceed, has struck an international chord. Dull to many of the ears in power, wouldn’t know the magna carta from toilet paper. That said, I hope 2020 brings good things to you and that you do get to receive some of the relaxation/support you afford to those around you. You’re an exceptionally good egg, my friend. ❤ Paulette

    1. And if they found out what it was that is exactly the use they would make of it. We are ruled by philistines and don;t even have the jaw bine of an ass with which to smite them.
      From a superlative egg as yourself, that’s a lovely compliment. Thank you…and thank you for all you do to save shelter dogs.

    1. You may need to lie down in a darkened room after the Jimmy Shand and the Andy Stewart….but when you recover, I hope that a very happy New Year awaits you and your family.

  2. The ignorant behaviour of many in the House indicates their contempt of Scotland.
    Bringing Andy Stewart into this might be a bit strong, however the singing of Scots songs throughout the debates, when it chooses, would be worth seeing. It could interrupt much needless talk and bring Scotland’s position to the fore. Well until they all get kicked out that is.
    The idea of Boris and his mates serving their slaves is intriguing, it will never happen mind.
    I expect however the dogs often have the house turned upside down.
    I hope their new year, and yours and Leo’s will be a good one.

    1. Yes, the PM looking at his ‘phone was hardly courteous…but I still think the chap could do with cutting down his speeches…I can almost give them for him!
      I did say that Andy Stewart was the nuclear option…and can you imagine the men in tights trying to bundle out the SNP crowd? A rare tear that would be!
      The dogs have kindly left fragments of bones in unexpected places and one left a piece of black pudding in the bed, well concealed until sat upon…so life is normal!
      A happy New Year to you and the knees…now just beat off that cough!

  3. It’s hard to fathom much in the way of friendly relations with the wild-haired buffoon PM. That said (with a spot or two of Scot on me father’s side), I’m hoping a free at last Scotland emerges stronger than ever. Happy 2020 to you, Leo and the Thugs. Am looking forward to more enlightenment from you in the coming year, Helen. All the best from me and the Knuckleheads.

    1. Tell Elsa that the bones are being jealously guarded by the smallest Thug….well, independence could be on its way at last!
      A happy New Year to you all…looking forward to reading more of your joint exploits!

  4. The UK could very well break up after Brexit. The Scottish government is demanding another independence referendum. There’s talk once again of an Irish border poll if post-Brexit Northern Ireland is an economic disaster. And the Welsh are also discussing Welsh independence. If all three nations managed to leave the UK, what an irony for the Conservative and Unionist Party!

    I like the idea of masters serving their slaves for a day. I can vividly imagine Richard Branson in a short skirt pushing the refreshments trolley on one of his planes, as assorted cabin crews are whisked first class to the resort of their choice….

    1. Branson has form on cross dressing…but thank you for the image of him as a trolley dolly!
      Would be ironic if Johnson brings about the dissolution of the Union….and what’s more by accident!

  5. In my current state of not giving too many damns about many things, I do think Britain will fly to many bits this year, and it will be a terrible economic experience, especially for the young ones. And even worse, having finally established a WordPress account, it now feels I no longer can prove the case. My second presence here tonight. Having failed with WP, and Google, I will now try the accursed FB, Before I go, I wish you and Leo the best of new years.

    1. Thank you for your kind wishes…Leo could do with some luck in the year to come.
      With a proven liar as Prime Minister backed by a cohort of M.P.s purged of troublemakers goodness only knows what he will be up to….but I fear the worst.

  6. Well, you ‘rose be-spectacled’ lot from up there, consider the fact that the bureaucracy, judiciary, police, SNP, etc etc of Scotland are long infiltrated and infested by the internal intelligence services of Albion. If the patriotic forces of liberation show any signs of mutiny then the heads will reappear on spikes and the gibbets will feed the crows again! The leaders of the independence movement should review the original ‘House of Cards’ (Ian Richardson as Francis Urquhart, Prime Minister and descended from those who came south with James VI) and think carefully about their accident insurance. Apart from anything else the leadership of the SNP ‘government’ are all doing very nicely out of the status quo – Nicola Sturgeon has a lucrative number as chief minister and her husband likewise as chairman of the SNP – aside from any nice-little-numbers that come from what and whom you know. Have you read the paper put forward by the so-called government at Holyrood House? It claims the ‘absolute right’ of the people of Scotland to determine their own destiny and then goes on to claim that ‘to proceed with independence without Westminster’s consent would be illegal and unconstitutional’. Absolute right my arse! The final arbiter, in any case, is the UK Supreme Court sitting in London. The EU may hate what is happening with Brexit but they hate the independence-minded troublemakers like those poor sods from Catalonia – Scotland will find few ‘friends’ amongst the ruling elite.

    1. I hope for independence as a means of breaking the SNP whose hold on power depends on the campaign for that independence. Anyone thinking to take Scotland into the EU, given the example of Catalonia, must be off their tiny rockers….and in the chaos that follows the attempt I hope to see proper questions of government coming to the fore…and new faces in the Scottish Parliament.
      Would not be at all surprised to see a few heart attacks while hill walking, though…

  7. I was inclined to agree that Scotland needed independence until I went to Edinburgh recently. The excellent museum there has a gallery covering “Scotland today” or some such, and what a contrast to the rest of the museum it was – I couldn’t see anything to suggest how Scotland could provide a decent standard of living to its inhabitants if it stood alone. Largely the fault of the English, but still, so it looked. So I started reading more, to see if that was really true – and am still not clear how an independent Scotland would work economically. I can only see the immense emotional attraction of scrambling off the sinking ship and being free of the English; after all I’ve got an Irish passport now myself. But in the longer term (though less fuzzy and feelgood) it might be better to focus on working with other UK opposition parties for the survival of Britain as a democracy by making sure the Tories are ousted in the next election. Scotland and England are now so closely intertwined that having a fascist state to deal as next door neighbour cannot possibly be best for Scotland. When Britain is out of the hands of the far right, an orderly cooperative reasonable severance could be insisted on if that’s what the Scottish public wants. (It very nearly happened before, after all. ) But any clever schemes to get free from Britain now are likely to draw the Tories’ attention to the need to sell off everything worth having in Scotland to US financiers and Russian oligarchs while it can still be legally done by a UK government. They’ve certainly lost no time in approving the sale of UK defence giant Cobham to US financiers despite the considerable security risks and risks to British jobs. So it’s clear the priority isn’t looking after the people of the country. It’s all about making sure that international financiers, Trump and Putin have a clear run at us. My advice for Scotland is therefore not to rock the boat and draw attention to what it has at this stage.

    It seems remarkable to me that the SNP, together with Labour and the Libdems, seemed so utterly blissfully unaware that their enemy in the last election was the far right, even though millions marched though London screaming “Stop the coup” at the tops of their voices. Their blundering culminated with Nicola and the dismal Jo Swinson banding together to call for an election, despite the polls clearly showing neither of their parties could win a majority in the UK parliament. What astonishing timing, since the Tories had finally grabbed back the Brexit party’s voters and become much stronger. All they needed then was a parliamentary majority, and so – Bingo!! Anyway, Nicola has her mandate for independence now, for what it is worth. Looking at the bigger picture I hear rumours that statues to all three glorious opposition leaders have already been commissioned for Conservative Central Office. The plan is that Nicola, Jo and Jeremy will in fact be carved from the same block, with their arms around each others’ necks, and “The Three Basketeers” carved below. But of course that is only a rumour…

    1. The ultras among the Remainers really pulled off a disaster..for themselves and for us all…their maneovrings brought about the election of a Tory government unequalled for its love of pelf at whatever cost to the country.
      As I said to Alan, my hope is that independence will destroy the SNP and allow Scotland to concentrate on its positives rather than the easily whipped up ancestral distrust of England.

      1. I apologise for the rather bad tempered tone of my comment, I guess I am exasperated by everyone, but mostly by the parties which actually lost the election through lack of strategy. The two small parties were Remain but I will be incredulous for the rest of my life that the Labour party for all its principles, couldn’t decide whether to position itself next to genocidal leaders and multi-billionaires who were pouring money and support into Brexit, or with ordinary people who were terrified of those far right fanatics.

        1. Who can blame you for feeling exasperated….I think most of us are, in one way or another. It has been a nightmare.
          Why Corbyn gave in to those who have been busy stabbing him in the back…or even the front…since his election as party leader is beyond me. He should have used his power with the membership to have deselected the lot from the outset…as it is he let down his natural constituency – and let in Johnson.
          However, had there not been for the tactics of the Libdems and SNP his backstabbers in the PLP would not have had the chance to push for the disastrous decision to go for a second referendum…even I, politics nut, groaned at the mere prospect.of it.
          Brexit run by a Labour government, having a real costed plan to put the economy back on its feet, would have been the final death of the disgusting ‘austerity’ programme of the Tories and Libdems….but the ultra Remainers certainly put a stop to that by their mad tactics aimed at party aggrandisement rather than the national weal.

          1. If by ultra Remainers you mean Libdems, I gave up on them the minute that Jo Swinson announced her plan. She was living in dreamland just as much as any other politician who looked at the polls, saw themselves losing by a mile, and phoned Tesco to order the champagne for the victory party. But I do consider myself an ultra Remainer because I wasn’t willing to be on the same side as Jacob Rees Mogg, Putin, Al Quaeda, Trump, Johnson, Priti Patel, Andrea Leadsom, Iain Duncan Smith, Nigel Farage, Marine le Pen, Geert Wilders, Beatrix von Storch, Nikolaos Michaloliakos, Rupert Murdoch and those who would replace an independent judiciary with political appointees. It’s a really simple way to look at it – but good enough for me.

          2. I gave up on the Libdems when they ousted Charles Kennedy…and my views were confirmed when they went into coalition with the Tories.
            Can only agree about Swinson! Whatever dreamland was she living in!
            Quite agree about those you name…touching pitch comes to mind…but I think that political appoinments came in when replacing the House of Lords as the final court with the Supreme Court, where academics were admitted. I felt safer with judges with those views I did not agree but who were accustmed to the workings of common law – what is left of it – to balance the increasing element of E.U. law in the judicial system.

  8. On the button as always Helen! I am not too hopeful about what’s to come in 2020. 2019 has driven me to the end of my patience and my hopefulness. My usually buoyant personality and ‘it will all turn out alright in the end’ approach has taken a severe bashing. None of us can sit on the sidelines any longer. We are all being dragged slowly or more quickly into the mire, no matter what we try and do to resist the slide or to try and follow personal principles and do something positive. On a very selfish note, I am glad to be in the middle of the beautiful French countryside here …for the moment! Turmoil here is in store for us too with the backlash over Macron’s changes to pension schemes and the general feeling of discontent here that is touching everybody. So your post with songs is cheering!! I do so LOVE ‘Donald where’s your trousers’! Old Year’s Night, as my dad would call it, would not have been the same without Andy Stewart in black & white on the telly singing this wicked little ditty!! Bonne année and surtout bonne santé, to you all (including beloved pets!) as they say here!! xxxx

  9. Lovely to hear from you and I hope all is going well for you and the domestic tyrants.
    Costa Rica is having a bad time…a sort of Ministry of All the – lack of – Talents is in government whose main idea of solving the financial deficit is to tax small businesses more while leaving the big fish alone. They have had to leave the unions in the state sector alone after they brought the country to a halt…just like the French unions. I had to laugh at Macron giving up his Presidential pension…with all the dosh he made in banking he can well afford to!
    I made the mistake of putting on BBC1 for the New Year programmes….some awful singer producing white rap…bring back Andy Stewart!

  10. I don’t think there is much left for me to say, except that this year should be interesting whatever you political views. A year ago who would have thought that the UK would now have a Tory government with an eighty seat majority?

    A Happy New Year to you and Leo.

    1. Thank you for asking…Leo has not been well and the minutes and hours seem to run away, leaving me just ready to fall into bed at the end of the day. I have been reading blogs as always but infuriatingly cannot comment on Blogger..I have tried everything I can think of but to no avail – even the neighbour’s child upon whom I rely for IT assistance is baffled.

      1. I thought so – though hoped not. At times like this, blogging is not the priority. Hope all goes well. Glad you are finding some time to read.

  11. The idea of using Jimmy Shand and Andy Stewart were passable threats Helen. Me…I would have gone for Sidney Devine played on a continuous loop in the Commons. I think that option would probably count as a terrorist attack though.

      1. They will have to join the queue. I’ve taken the dogs out twice today as opposed to the permitted once so goodness knows what arms of the state are queuing up at the front door as I fill in what may be my final comme

  12. Thank you for your comment. I see that Leo has not been well. I hope that he is feeling better now and that you are keeping well.
    I was well prepared for this situation, but you can not stock up on fresh fruit and vegetables etc. Shopping has been easier this week.

    1. He had a very bad time in the early part of the year, but was able to have an old friend to visit recently which picked him up. and now this!
      We have a fair bit of fruit and veg in the finca – though not potatoes, so need to shop for these as they are difficult to store in the tropics. Keep well, the both of you.

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