They Seek It Here, They Seek It There……

And still the hunt goes on.

Amidst all the vexed questions of the day – the virus, the collapse of the main road to the coast, the strange case of the hostel for ex criminals which either does – if you have eyes – exist or – if you are on the council payroll – does not, the failure to produce an annual budget …..well, you name it, the local council haven’t done it – our lords and masters have but one thing on what they are pleased to call their minds….

Where is the Christmas tree?

It was there in the park last year….but now that Christmas is upon us yet again it seems to have disappeared, leaving no bauble behind to mark its passage.

The deputy mayor has announced that no stone has been left unturned in order to find it…which might explain the total inaction of said council and staff on other matters, though cynics aver that no one employed by the council would consent to turn over a stone and that their union would have demanded that contractors – related to union officials – be hired to undertake so dangerous an occupation. Other cynics hold to an alternative theory…..that were you to turn over stones in the council building you might find where the bodies are buried and no one involved in local government can contemplate that possibility with equanimity.

Dark suggestions have been made that the disappearance of tree and ornaments coincided with the departure from office of the last mayor, a member of the PUSC party whose name to an anglophone conjures up images of badly wrapped bandages over running sores, which quite accurately describes its general policies. But it seems unlikely…even here, people would notice if he put up a towering, luminous monstrosity in his garden and questions might be posed.

As the suggestions appear to emanate from the incoming party – Liberation – it might be thought that they are disappointed at having been robbed of the chance to liberate the Thing for themselves, but they are really scraping the barrel if they hope to smear the ex mayor with the disappearance of a Christmas tree when there is so much else with which to hope to smear him. The only problem being that to set up a proper smear campaign might remind people of the last time Liberation held the office of mayor.

There could be confusion.

So the tree it is.

There is a Costa Rican tradition of businesses contributing to the public good….in emergencies following earthquakes and floods their local shops take collections and their lorries make deliveries where needed.

They also contribute locally….currently one business is busy transforming a building in the park from what had once been consecutively an aquarium, a police post, a drug dealers’ bunker, boarded up, to a public loo – a much needed facility to those who spend most of the day on the benches in the shade watching the world go by.

Except that the trees offering the most shade to the benches have been cut down and the park has been closed off since the virus struck, leaving the park bench brigade to assemble on the benches on the streets surrounding the park in promiscuous disregard of distancing advice and at grave risk of sunburn now the rainy season is over.

And the work was begun under the aegis of the previous administration and only now is it ‘discovered’ that the appropriate building permits were not in order….and, horror of horrors, the firm concerned had their logo clearly visible on the bandstand, which they had also renovated without the appropriate permits….

I have a theory that they also donated the Christmas tree and have decided not to erect it this year in view of the ingratitude of the current administration, but that is only a guess. I have no inside information as social life has declined thanks to this blasted bug and the telephone and e mail are no substitute for the person leaning forward over the table to say

‘Don Freddy tells me that…’

Mark you, even the telephone, etc., would not have helped as the local development committee decided to sort out the back road into town and managed to take out my telephone lines in the process. Then the telephone repair man could not get through, thanks to said committee’s JCB blocking the road so he reported that he could not gain access to the property and messed off. Only by using my mobile ‘phone to ask when the work was to be done did I discover that officially the ticket had been closed and that I would have to open a new report and wait three more days for someone to show up.

Still, there are ways of passing the time.

A puppy has been inserted into the household….I had forgotten the delights of a puppy’s presence…beating it off with a loo brush while trying to pull up the knickers which it has seized in its razor sharp teeth….hopping on one foot to recover the shoe for the other foot which it has taken to hide under the bed….disengaging it from the curtains….trying to find the loo brush which it has dragged into the garden….

With or without a Christmas tree, but with a puppy, it’s a great life if you don’t weaken.

Not our puppy……but similar…..


33 thoughts on “They Seek It Here, They Seek It There……”

  1. You have such a chaotic life. And now a puppy. If he looks like that guy, I can see why. Quite the charmer, in a butch kind of way. More Daniel Craig than Roger Moore. Good choice.

    1. The puppy needed a home…..luckily the older dogs have decided to tolerate it and it has a playmate in little Zuniga which keeps it off my ankles for a few hours in the day. It is a real little bruiser.
      Life is no more chaotic than it was in rural France…this blasted bug does not help, though, as it disrupts normal life – well, as normal as life generally is….

    1. It would, I agree, have a certain je ne sais quoi!
      The loo brush was the only thing to hand to persuade it to stop pulling at the knickers….I still don’t know where it has pugged it in the garden but I am sure it does!

  2. For those of us who keep score, is this addition to the finca menagerie #11 or #12? It’s so hard to keep up. Is the pup’s name Macron and is it indeed a French Bulldog? If so, be prepared for an onslaught of jokes and rude comments, hon hon. As to the missing tree, one has to admire theft on a scale like that. It’s not as though the tree could have been taken without significant planning by a group of people. Well, I suppose a group of drunk guys could have been behind the caper. Still, it was quite an accomplishment and credit where credit is due. Your telephone story reminds of the phone service in Guam. I applied for service when I arrived but our house was in a new development not yet ready for activation. That story was repeated for four years. On the day we were packing to leave that house, the phone rang for the first and only time. It stopped ringing before we got a chance to pick it up.

    1. Currently ten and the lodger.
      It is indeed a French bulldog, with all the attitude one might associate with its continental origins…but glories in the name of Podge which might stop it getting ideas above its station. Though I doubt it…
      It tells you a lot about this area that the whereabouts of the tree rouses much more community interest than the fact that the road to the coast is blocked by a landslide or two, that ex cons are roaming the streets of one of the villages and that the council has no budget for the coming year….
      I liked the story of the Guam ‘phone non service….used to be like that in the U.K. in the seventies. Leo was told his business could not be given ‘phone lines for at least a year…in a business depending on ‘phones. His partner roamed the streets until he trapped a ‘phone engineer down his hole in the pavement who, for a suitable token recognition came the next day and installed a number of ‘phones that he happened to have about him. He left with the caution that Leo and partner were never to seek to pay a ‘phone bill for the numbers that he had created.

      1. Podge is a lucky chien who has found a home with a very fine family. I imagine the rest of the pack will make him start at the bottom and work his way up the dog status ladder and that should keep Podge humble for at least a short while. As to the tree, I’ll bet it will be the thief who nabbed it who will start a fund asking public donations to replace it. The “he who smelt it, dealt it” principle.

        1. Currently they ignore Podge, in general, though little Zuniga now has someone with whom to play – if you call ferocious snarls, bared teeth and non stop gymnastics ‘play’. They seem to like it though…
          I like the tree replacement fund idea….and will pay close attention to the locsl news….

  3. Oh my gosh. The cuteness factor nearly makes up for the missing tree and government mishandling. Enjoy those razor sharp teeth-before you know it they have matured. Luckily a Frenchie’s pawsome looks never age. “Fleas Navidog!”

  4. And back to the missing tree, the shenanigans of your countrymen are almost unbelievable, except they happen. I do wonder where it went.

    1. Having been trained in years of living in rural France, rural Costa Rica comes as no great surprise…
      The White Queen in ‘Alice through the Looking Glass’ reccommends trying to believe in six unbelievable things before breakfast. Strict adherence to this advice has allowed us to survive in both France and Costa Rica.

  5. I suggest a collection of small, teeth offering puppies to search the homes of elading men.
    The tree and ornaments will soon appear.
    Chewed somewhat.
    I’m so glad we have no such councillor corruption in this town.
    All our Tory councillors are men of integrity as you would expect.
    I saw a flying saucer this morning…
    The puppy will grow out of annoying you in about five years time…

    1. Could you persuade the aliens in thr flying saucer to abduct the current crop of politicians and do whatever nasty things they are rumoured to do to them?
      Yes, i like the idea of a marauding army of puppies….I volunteer Podge to lead the attack…

  6. The puppy puts everything in perspective!
    Although that was a similar puppy, not yours, that is one cute little fellow/fella. As for all the other …hmm, what to call it…stuff, it’s spreading and I can only hope for an injection of sanity there. And here! Be well and stay well. Give the puppy, other doggies, and Leo a hug. Happy Holidays. ❤️

    1. Podge is a dear little soul and I expect to be able to stop wearing cast iron gaiters in a few months’ time. So far the curtain rails have defied all attempts to pull them down by tugging on the curtains, but Podge, like Bruce’s spider, is not deterred by failure and will roll into the attack again…and again…
      Our local council is a byword for negligence and incompetence…and a few other things too. They managed to achieve zero for transparency in government statistics and the wonder is that their score was so high…
      Oh, for a bit of sanity…anywhere! Look after yourselves!

  7. I have two cats…probably all I can cope with these days! Mind you, several goats, 3 cats, upwards of 40 chickens, 6 or 7 bee hives and all sorts of “wildlife” kept me on my toes a few years ago.
    If you’d like to pop across to mine we’re having a virtual party. Quiet at the moment, but it could get lively when some of the young ‘uns arrive!

    1. I did not expect to be housing a puppy, but it needed a home so here it is, imposing its will on all and dundry.
      I enjoyed the madeira from your party and will have to put on my thinking cap…

  8. A missing tree well that is a new one, no fingerprints anywhere to follow I guess 😉

    Not sure I could cope anymore with a new puppy, but I so miss not having a dog around the house. Until we left Africa they were quite simply part of my life forever. We decided no more animals on arrival in France as we want to travel. Of course, nobody told us that come 2020 we would not be allowed to travel!!!

    Best wishes to you both, have a great Xmas 🎄 despite all that is going on. At least you are warm over there.
    Stay safe, Diane

    1. Typical, isn’t it…you lay plans and the universe messes them up!
      Look after yourselves, and hope to resume plans next year. Leo wants to visit Mexico, so that will take some planning!

  9. Ha ha, I could just imagine the disappearing loo brush and the complications of arranging the underwear.

    Daisy is a sock thief. She steals them and tucks them into dark and dusty corners, or buries them in the garden so that they appear in spring during the first lawn mow.

    Hope you and Leo are keeping well.

    1. I look forward to the photographs of your spring sock border….
      Years ago we had a drawer gnawer….adept at raking out the knickers from the laundry bin and devouring the gussets…don’t know if that says more about the dog or us!
      All well, if a bit dull, out here, but we had security cameras installed yesterday so Leo is enjoying watching the passing scene as a change from Netflix. So far passing scene 1 Netflix 0. Look after yourselves!

  10. Our local shopping centre decided not to put up their Christmas tree because of coronavirus. I can’t really see what the problem is as there are plenty of other Christmas trees around in shops and public places. Coronavirus seems to be the standard excuse for a lot of things these day, but not your missing tree?

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