Being Seriously Bullied By The Canal & River Trust Ltd to Cruise More during a Pandemic, from Neighbourhood to Neighbourhood…

Messing about in boats is great…but messing about those who live aboard us something else….the post that follows is, I think, self explanatory. One man’s exasperated end of tether response to a threat to ruin his life.

19 thoughts on “Being Seriously Bullied By The Canal & River Trust Ltd to Cruise More during a Pandemic, from Neighbourhood to Neighbourhood…”

  1. Excellent story. The C&RT sounds the epitome of incompetent bureaucracy, a notable accomplishment when one considers how much competition is out there. I’d be tempted to next mount a GoPro camera on the bow and create hour after hour of slow video of the ship relocations and then send the enormous file to the C&RT to bring its servers to their electronic knees. In the meantime I’ll just enjoy the photoshops which were wonderful in concept if dreadful in execution.

  2. That sounds like a wonderful idea!
    I wonder if the Trust runs training courses in how not to manage while raking in the ukkers?
    All the photoshops were lacking was a small white Maltese at the helm.In a sailor hat.

  3. yay! You re-blogged.
    Funny how practical people rise to the occasion in a crisis. But I notice that the Great British Tradition of Pompous Officiousness also rises…it must be something in our veins!

    1. I think it was the gin…amazing what it lubricates!
      Fancy having gobshites prowling the canals to monitor your movements…..
      I liked Maxwell the Dog’s suggestion as to the Go Pro grinding their servers to a a halt.

    1. Not much local press left in the U.K.,,,,but yes, as a reader I would love to come across that in my weekly perusla of the fatstock prices…
      His blog is a beauty, by the way.

  4. Back in the day when we pottered around the creeks and rivers of SE England together with the near continent in our beautiful Eventide we were constantly being harassed for more money for this or that. That the local Queenborough District Council wanted rent for the excellent moorings they offered was fair enough – but then came the Medway Ports Authority who wanted annual ransom money just for floating on a bit of Mother Nature’s grey/brown wet stuff! The final straw was when newly amalgamated local water companies (suppliers of chlorinated, fluoridated, adulterated occasionally clean water through leaking pipes to the masses), trading as Southern Water demanded their share of the loot! If there is ever another ‘Dunkirk’ or ‘Armada’ where will the ‘Little Ships’ be found let alone the ‘Wooden Walls of England’?

    1. Well, as to another Dunkirk, I sincerely hope that the U.K. will have learned by now to live the continentals to their follies…but in any case it would be unable to defend the Goodwin Sands, let alone itself, not due to defence cuts but down to Health and Safety regulations!
      Oh, yes, the multiple hands in your pockets for doing bugger all but demand money…I remember it well…

  5. Thank’ee most kindly ma’am, the re-blog is much appreciated. I’m exploring the “press” route and we’ll see what’s left of “The Fourth Estate”…

    It’s the sheer dumb stupidity of the organisation (not necessarily all of the individuals!) that offends my sense of – well, my sense of everything. 😉

    1. It’s the ‘because we can’ attitude that bugs me…..I sit back with the cup that cheers and with luck inebriates and imagine lining up the head honchos, inserting a boathook into their posterior regions and when they squawk ‘why are you doing this?’ reply ‘because I can’.Then twist and thrust.
      I rather like the idea of crashing their servers, but you would need to ask Maxwell the Dog for more info….

    1. ‘You know what’ put in its proper place!
      Good to have you smiling…he has a super blog, everything canal like from crash landing swans to dog emptying walkers via worm drowners andthe lycra clad bicycle brigade. Well worth a read!

  6. The expense of running a canal boat, before you’ve even started the engine, and even if you also do everything these people say, is unbelievable. Being told you went into the junk box was the finishing touch. Except it wasn’t finished. Oh dear. Glad he has kept his sense of humour, anyway!

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