Christmas Comes But Once A Year And When It Comes It Brings Good Cheer.

With thanks to Maxwell the Dog of Within the K Streets

Thanks to all of you who have been kind enough to read this stuff over the last year.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas, with carols from the pubs around Sheffield and

north Derbyshire with the wonderful ‘Diadem’


52 thoughts on “Christmas Comes But Once A Year And When It Comes It Brings Good Cheer.”

  1. And good wishes and a generous helping of luck to you and yours. Absolute bedlam around here, but I’ll try to get a Seasonal Post out later.
    Fill a glass with something nicely chilled and let’s see this year on its way.Bugger waiting til Hogmanay! Cheers!

  2. All the very best, Helen. Have a wonderful Christmas, stay safe and the best possible New Year. Not sure what to make of the dogs/cat thing – hence have watched it several times already! Thanks for reading ABAB!

    1. Thank you…it is a bit weird, isn’t it…but if you want weird, take a look at the blog it comes from…that is seriously weird! Stuffed hedgehogs in a neighbour’s nativity scene….Japanese sweetmeats posing as canine calling cards, presents from Amazon you would not believe….take a look…it will liven up your new year!

    1. Glad you enjoyed them…the first one half inched from the dreaded dogdad, of course. Just hoping he is too busy with the day drinking to notice!
      The carols in the Sheffield area are quite something!

  3. Now bring me some figgy pudding. Bring it right here. Now. Merry Christmas wishes and Feliz Navidad to you and Leo and the tribe of wild canines however there may be at this point. We hope you guys have a happy time and days of peace and rest this season. I look forward to more of your terrific posts next year (except the ones about cricket which are incomprehensible) and lots more laughs. I’ll lift a tamale to you tomorrow.

    1. That’s a rum carol, isn’t it? Demanding pudding with menaces at the festive season. What would happen if pudding was not forthcoming? An attack with boughs of holly?
      Thank you for your kind wishes which are reciprocated in full….I think you are safe from cricket as the current Ashes series would drive a blue ribbon teetotaller to drink….let alone me!

  4. Love the dogs! 🙂
    Thank you for all your words of wisdom and humour throughout this year. All the best for Christmas & 2022

    1. I like the one with the hip flask…
      Sorry that I could not comment on your blog…there seems to be a glitch with Blogger – but not on all! I tried switching to Chrome, but that only worked once!

      let’s hope things pick up now…and all the best to you for the year ahead.

  5. I did mention that the cat was rightly at the head of the table.
    This did not go down to well with Max for reasons unknown.
    I’m hoping you have good things abundant this year, and I do not refer to dogs.
    Happy Christmas you and the Master.

    1. Thank you…Higher Authority is supervising the cooking of a joint of beef in rum in the slow cooker….and we already have an elegant sufficiency of canines…but you never know….
      We have offered part of the finca for an animal refuge…whether it is suitable will be down to the committee and its blackmail potential wth the council, electricity board and water board. In any case it will infuriate The Neighbour which is, Christmas spirit notwithstanding – a Good Thing!

      1. Wait…wait…wait a minute. You sneak this huge bit ‘o news in as part of a response to a deeply buried blog comment by an anti-social Scot (sorry for the redundancy) and thought you’d slide it by without my noticing it? An animal sanctuary at the Finca? I demand details; we all demand details. Forget the figgy pudding….spill the beans, let the sanctuary cat out of his sanctuary bag.

        1. As yet only a project. There is a need for a refuge in the area….we have some space which might be suitable but the committee will have to decide on feasability…water, electricity, planning permission, animal welfare regulations, charitable status…you name it. If they want to go ahead we will make the land over to the association and, once it is set up, keep any eye and give a hand as far as is in our power.
          The Neighbour will be furious as the area propsed commands the entrance to the lane leading to his place…and he intensely dislikes anyone knowing who and what visit him.

          1. No doubt the Neighbour will be thrilled to learn that such a refugee absolutely requires extensive security precautions that include 360 degree high definition cameras set for 24/7 recording with direct linkage to the local police station. Maybe broadcast over an open wireless network. I mean, it’s for the good of the poor animals, right? I wish you well on this endeavor and if there’s anyway we can help, just let us know.

          2. Those security precautions would suit me…but no point sending links to the police station. The council have removed their digital capacity to their own lair, where it operates only from 9 to 5 on weekdays. Selectively.
            Thank you for the offer of help…I think it will be quute a process to get off the ground and the first step will be to see if the area proposed is thought suitable…it is flat, well drained and has a retaining wall against landslips…so we’ll see, when the committee surfaces after the New Year.

  6. I hope that you managed to have a good Christmas and we wish you both all you wish yourselves for 2022.
    Take care. Diane and Nigel

    1. Thank you…and wishing for the same for yourselves.
      We decided to have something different for lunch…a beef joint rubbed with allspice, seared and put in the slow cooker with dark rum and bay leaves, brown sugar and lime juice. It took longer than we thought…but well worth the wait. and still good cold today.

  7. Hope you had a great Christmas. I saw the comment about a refuge – will be watching that with great interest.

    :Let’s hope that 2022 will bring a modicum of good news from someone, somewhere, somehow. This year has been a bit of a bugger, hasn’t it?

    All good wishes to you, Leo and the menagerie.

    1. As for the refuge, i have to wait to see if the proposed area is accepted….nothing happens until after the New Year, which, as you say, needs to provide something positive after the last year of shambles, panic and fear.
      Hope all goes well for you all this coming year…..

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