The Immortal Memory

Ca the yowes…for those unacquainted with the Doric….

Robert Burns, poet of the human condition, whose life and works are celebrated tonight by Scots all over the world.

A man of his times, whose message is timeless.

A Scot, who speaks still to the world.

From the sheer fun of ‘ The De’il’s Away Wi’ The Exciseman’, written for a gathering of his fellow customes officers,

to the lyricism of ‘Flow Gently Sweet Afton’

his song of independence , ‘Scots Wa Hae’ – which, in faster time would still make a better anthem than that blasted dirge ‘Flower of Scotland’. No wonder we lose everything…..

and his song of brotherhood ‘ A Man’s a Man for A’ That’ as sung at the opening of the Scottish Parliament…and those bastards should be ashamed of themselves all these years on at their betrayal of their country…yet another parcel of rogues in a nation.

With typical Scots pawky humour that was the tune played to summon defaulters – military miscreants – to their punishment in the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders regiment.

He has inspired many over the centuries…..

Abraham Lincoln, who was given his poems as a young man…’From Shakespeare I learnt the sonnets, from the Bible, the scriptures, but it was from that man that I learnt humanity.’

Maya Angelou, who was given his poems as a child …..’He was the first white man I read who seemed to understand that a human being is a human being, that we are more alike than unlike”.

And when we link arms for Auld Lang Syne, whether it be with the lass from ‘Coming Through the Rye’ or Holy Willie we live out his dream, that whomsoever we might be we are capable of a belief in the goodness of each other and our collective ability to make a better world.


46 thoughts on “The Immortal Memory”

  1. I, too, was raised on his works even here – and some of the songs. (Thanks for the video links)
    “…we live out his dream, that whomsoever we might be we are capable of a belief in the goodness of each other and our collective ability to make a better world.”
    Hope needed for such difficult times. No haggis – or those around who would appreciate/understand to sing along, but a raised glass and a nod in your direction. Thanks

    1. Indeed it is…and perhaps that was a sign of the betrayal to come.
      Sorry not to be able to comment on your blog…I tried changing to Chrome but that did not work…no doubt Blogger will sort itself out at some point, but in the meantime at least I can read about your progress.

  2. Thanks for that!
    Having listened to the music, I naturally rallied somewhat, grabbed the Claymore and went out smiting English invaders. This ended after I had retrieved all our stolen sheep from the fields just outside of town.
    However, the sheriff and his men have now overpowered me and I sit here in the ‘Blue Lamp House’ round the corner, sharing a small room with several dozen sheep. These are evidence apparently. At least it is warm.
    Ca the yowes indeed!

    1. Glad the laptop is sorted…..never aq good moment when they go down, is it?
      A man well worth the celebration….and as Scots travelled everywhere to work, so Burns went with them.

          1. They are when you’re trying to read a blog post!! And then of course, the platform they’re on looks different from on a computer and sometimes you have to enter passwords and you just go round and round trying to make a simple comment. Bloody aggravating!

          2. All too true! In France, there used to be a sign on some shops stating that the customer was king….given their appalling customer service it made you remember that the French guillotined theirs…and it looks as if the tech world has taken on the French attitude.

    1. A lot of people like Dougie MacLean…me too.
      Oddly enough this was one of the pieces in the book issued at school for recorder players…I can assure you it did not sound anything like Dougie MacLean.

      1. Oh, school recorders. I never got further than Little bird/I have heard/what a pretty song you sing/flying high/in the sky/on your tiny wing… I played it all around the house, really badly. Must have driven my mother mad.

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