The Queen Is Dead

Whatever one’s views on monarchy, the class system, the state of the nation, a family have lost their matriarch and many in society feel a loss at the death of a woman who has been part of national life for nearly one hundred years.

Let us leave partisanship aside and join with Handel’s Jeptha in hope of the welcome above of a good and faithful servant


28 thoughts on “The Queen Is Dead”

  1. The ol’ baggage played her part without equal on the world stage and did the United Kingdom and Commonwealth proud. If we had to have one then at least we had the best.

    I have learned over the decades (slowly, for I am Nothing if not dimwitted, which in itself is oddly clever, since Nothing is impossible but yet I’ve managed it) the true nature of these mechanisms of the current Human society and “civilisation”, so my last smidgen of consideration and respect (for the last and only real person of) The Monarchy (that I’ve known) dies with Lizzie. Princess Anne appears to have reached a similar position many years ago, and hugely scaled back her royal interests in favour of a more “normal” (rich, powerful, privileged) life, and I (shakes hands gangsta rap style) respek’er (a little) for that at least.

    IMHO there is no monarchy now and no royal family, whatever that was, and certainly not in the form of the embarrassing Charles the T’ird.

    I always thought it valuable that the Benighted Kingdom’s Armed Forces swore allegiance to something -other- than Parliament but frankly, they might as well take an oath to a decent fence post now. If we’re able to import one from China for them to use.

    So R.I.P., y’ol’ Robber Baron Queen, and don’t look back as you take the escalator up or down, or both (one leg on each and Crown at a jaunty angle) – One really wouldn’t like the United Kingdom that’s yet to come. The rest of us though are, for the time, stuck with it.

    1. He should be fine…cut the expenses, do the representative bit and otherwise keep quiet……and let’s hope we hear no more of the Diana business now, and a lot less of the Harry and Meghan unpleasantness.

  2. Yes, indeed. It’s taking me a surprisingly long time to get used to the idea she’s gone – because I suppose she’s always been there wherever in the world I have been at the time.

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