Lang May Your Lums Reek

Here we are at the ending of a year that has brought pestilence and pain to many, has revealed the shaky foundations of our liberties and left us wondering when the next blow will strike.

Best it is buried deep, but not forgotten.

Its message being that we should take care to whom we surrender the power to direct our lives because the answer to the question ‘Quid custodiet ipsos custodes’ is no one but themselves. They can lie, cheat and steal with impunity if so inclined…and most of them seem to be on a pretty steep incline!

Still, a new year dawns and its hope brings us together, even if only virtually – preferably with a wee drappie o’t to ease the rough path ahead of us.

And now we’ve partaken of the clochan dichter – the penultimate glass – to warm the cockles of our hearts, we’ll prepare to set off to face whatever shall befall us in the coming year, with the deoch an doris…the parting glass itself.

To blazes with clean air acts….keep those lums reeking in the year to come!