I could not dig; I dared not rob:
Therefore I lied to please the mob.
Now all my lies are proved untrue
And I must face the men I slew.
What tale shall serve me here among
Mine angry and defrauded young?

A Dead Statesman

Rudyard Kipling

It relates directly to the man standing behind the current Prime Minister, but they are all capable of similar conduct and we need to open our eyes to what is done in our name but without our consent.

Listen To This And You Will Not Forget

Poppies at the Tower of London…the Queen bowing before the Cenotaph…the standards lowered…the silence…
Remembrance…official remembrance.

Now, while it is still available, please turn to the BBC radio rediscovery of The Long Long Trail on radio 4…a collection of the songs of the Tommies made by that archivist extraordinaire Charles Chiltern…and see what made those ordinary men great.

Their resilience, their kindness, their bawdiness, their cynical recognition of the realities….you could kill the man, but never the spirit. Ordinary men….not sculptured heroes on a monument.
Men who lived, loved, laughed…and were killed.