More Hot Air

turrialba cow I was at the local bus station, waiting for the car to collect me after a trip to San Jose, passing the time by watching the television provided for the edification of passengers.

For once the fodder provided was not one of the endless soaps where over made up women alternately rage at or cringe before men in suits with suspiciously shiny hair.

No, on the screen was a real cow gloomily walking through what looked like a blizzard at night, voiding its bowels as it went – the cameraman homing in on this with the stupefaction of a true city dweller.

After some moments of this the screen shifted to photographs of various cars covered in dust…and finally to this:
Which explained the previous shots.

Volcano Turrialba had blown its stack in the early hours of the morning and was throwing ash and gas into the air at a rate of knots.
The few people living on its higher slopes had been evacuated, the cattle were being brought down, suffering from respiratory problems in the sulphur laden air and for some fifty kilometres to the north west proud owners of cars came out to discover their pride and joy covered in ash.

It appears that where the volcano once had two craters, the explosion had removed the ‘wall’ which separated them, so it’s now down to one which is fizzing away for all it is worth.

The experts have gone up to see what is happening…and. most importantly, to determine whether this eruption is ‘just’ gas, or whether magma is involved…in which case, given the risk of lava flows, evacuation will be on the grand scale.

Needles to say our local news online service had to get into the act, despite the fact that we are between 90 and 100 kilometres away and its Facebook page is full of pics of ash covered cars and distraught owners urging their wives on to greater efforts with the squeegie.

Still, it makes a change from pictures of floods, collapsed roads and gory motorcycle accidents, I suppose.

Once at home I caught up on the stuff on the internet…and on one site I saw an ad for a finca for sale….ideal for quiet rural living.
Where was it?

I don’t think the advertiser stands much chance just at the moment..