The Conquistadors of San Jose

La Nacion

In my last post I moaned about the march of progress in the avenidas and calles of San Jose with particular reference to parking ticket machines which have, quite apart from forcing me to empty the garage and perform gymnastic exercises quite inappropriate to my age and form, threatened the livelihood of the parking ticket sellers.

I am glad to report that, much to the fury of the Municipalidad, these gentlemen have struck back.

They have taken up their station at the Dalek on their patch of turf, have equipped themselves with designated bank accounts with a card with which to operate the thing and are offering their services to drivers at their regular rate of tip.

Their scheme is a roaring success.

You don’t have to risk your bank card….either through it being swallowed by the Dalek or misused by the Muni…you don’t have to get out of your car in the rain to look for the blasted machine…and if you are a regular customer the gentlemen will top up your ticket.

Win win for everyone…except the Muni, whose anticipated revenues from traffic fines and impounded cars have gone up in smoke.

36 thoughts on “The Conquistadors of San Jose”

  1. With that level of creative thinking, I can see the gentlemen involved moving on to grander schemes! Well done on their part. It’s good to see the wee people win for a change!

  2. Brilliant! I need to consider how this revolution might be brought to the idiot village council I may have mentioned once or twice.

    1. I don’t think I circulate among those gentlemen…from what I see of their reading material it is strong on sport,horrific traffic accidents and tit and bum and light on most other areas….

      However, if this background has inspired them to take on the Muni then there’s hope for England yet….

  3. Fabulous. Not only thinking outside the box but fleecing it for the good of the people and to the chagrin of the bureaucrats!

  4. Free Enterprise 1 : Bureaucracy 0
    I bet that they will change the rules so that one card cannot ‘park’ more than once a day – or whatever, just to spite them.
    Our ‘dechetterie’ now has a barrier and we have barcoded plastic cards to flash at it (when it is working). We have the feeling that it will start counting the number of trips we make so that we don’t use it so much. Sort of like a Supermarket loyalty card in reverse.

    1. You’re probably – and depressingly – right. From what I read in the press the Muni want to remove these gentlemen from the streets in the name of progress and tidiness.
      I’d prefer to remove the Muni.

      That card sounds distinctly sinister…watch out for the ‘etude’ next year followed by being billed the year after that…

    1. Yes, good for them!
      If it’s raining cats and dogs it’s great to have the ticket sorted without getting soaked looking for the Dalek. Or queuing for it once you find it.

  5. Hahahaha. Those guys are so inventive. They completely took over the ticket system in LimΓ³n years ago; no one goes to the Muni to buy those slips anymore. Nicee to see they found a workaround on this system as well.

  6. You can’t expect to get rid of people unless you provide them with an alternative source of revenue. If the council guys don’t understand this, they don’t deserve to be in power. People don’t just disappear because an electric box is installed which takes over their job.

  7. Wonderful! Hip, hip, hurray for human ingenuity in the fight against the faceless bureaucrats. πŸ™‚ I’m typing this with a great big grin all over my face. πŸ™‚

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