I Will Be Whiter Than The Whitewash On The Wall

British soldiers of the Great War had a number of songs, from sentimental to downright crude, and one of them ran as follows
‘Wash me in the water where you wash the colonel’s daughter
And I will be whiter than the whitewash on the wall.’
There is a version of this on Youtube…part of ‘Oh What a Lovely War ….if you don’t know the tune.

There must be a lot of that bathwater sloshing about at the moment as the most surprising people are not only rivalling the whitewash on the wall but surpassing it in brilliance.

To start locally, the police have cracked a loan shark ring, arrresting four people who are suspected of extortion, kidnapping, threats and violence in the course of their activities. Cars, houses and property have been made over by those unable to repay their debts.
While pursuing their enquiries, the police have raided the offices of some local lawyers – what a surprise! – and confiscated files, computers and vehicles. One imagines that these lawyers made the necessary legal transfers of property from debtors to lenders….one would not like to imagine any further involvement, after all.

I know one of the lawyers, a charming man who was involved – on the other side -in the water wars.

I know of one of the others, who managed to charge The Neighbour over eight million colones – some nine thousand pounds sterling – to obtain a concession to use water from the spring on the mountain. Having read his application I am of the view that he could have invented all the lies it contained on his own without legal assistance so can only imagine that the lawyer concerned has some special talent known only to the cognoscenti.

I don’t know the third – not surprisingly when the town, as all small towns in Costa Rica, positively pullulates with lawyers, outnumbering even the dentists.

However, all three have access to the colonel’s daughter’s bathwater and will, no doubt, emerge from their ordeal sparkling clean.

On the national level, top officials at the national tourist board have been selling state land to foreign investors to build hotels….land destined to provide farmland for poor families…despite orders from the President’s office to do nothing of the sort….while at the National Assembly deputies have been busy having the police chase off medical students who want to help out in hard pressed hospitals while meeting with top level drug traffickers in the building itself.

Slosh the bathwater! It will all wash off…

You will all have examples…but let me take Britain.

Here is a man who does not have access to the bathwater…..because he has not done that with which he was charged. Alex Salmond, once First Minister of Scotland, was charged with a number of sexual offences and found not guilty of all but one, where a verdict of not proven was brought in, by a mainly female jury. He might be NSIT – not safe in taxis – but he is not guilty as charged. Notwithstanding this, the current First Minister continually refers to the women involved – one at least of whom has clearly perjured herself – as ‘victims’, The press, obedient as ever to a bung from the Scottish government, echoes her stance. No bathwater for Alex.

None either for the man who recorded the conduct of the trial on his blog, clearly stating the defence case, Craig Murray. The mainstream press – well bunged – concentrated on the case for the prosecution.He has been charged with contempt of court as, despite not naming the women the court – three judges sitting without a jury – found that it might be possible to work out their identities from the content of his blog. He faces imprisonment and has been obliged to remove that part of his blog which dealt with Salmond’s defence. No bathwater for Craig.

However, it is lapping the gills of the British minister who swore that, during the Covid crisis when hospitals were ordered to clear out all who could be cleared out to release staff and beds, no one was sent to a care home before being tested for the bug. He lied, he is shown to have lied, and yet the water level is still high. It dropped a little when he was found to have shares in his sister’s firm which was one of the many totally inexperienced operations to have obtained contracts for protective clothing, but not enough to uncover his unmentionables.

Liars, cheats and thieves in high places, all washed gleaming bright.

We need to empty the bath…to pull the plug, but as the old mouse pointed out in Aesop’s fable of the Mice in Council, it is one thing to propose…quite another to execute.

Archibald ‘Bell the Cat’ Douglas, Earl of Angus had a solution. He seized the then king’s favourites and hanged them from a bridge.

But he was the Earl of Angus and a power in the land. We are ordinary, powerless people, so what do we do?

Vote them out?

Fat chance. While you have a party political system you have these obscenities wished upon you as your representatives to serve interests which are none of your own.

Protest in the streets?

They put up two fingers and ignore you.

Denounce them in the press?

Forget it….the press is always in league with the politicians.

Instead, remember the IRA. Atrocities committed against members of the public – whether by the IRA or by MI5 – did nothing to bring about peace in Northern Ireland. Even a bazooka launched on Downing Street had no effect – even though it was delightful to see ministers for once in the line of fire. But once they attacked the City of London, that capital of money laundering, peace talks became positive and urgent.

Violence will be repressed…but hackers could bring the system which supports the well washed to its knees. Then we all need to protect the hackers. As the people of Glasgow protected asylum seekers whom they saw as their own.


28 thoughts on “I Will Be Whiter Than The Whitewash On The Wall”

    1. And at risk of being accused of libel, a French pox on all their houses. But you too must remember when skulduggery was something to be covered up…not bloody celebrated!

  1. The Tories are well established. As it stands they could remain for another decade.
    No opposition and a public fooled into thinking this lot represent them.
    There is a blindness covering the world.
    The English following Boris, the yanks following Trump still.
    The Brexit lie, all have followers who will not see any fault, no matter how clear it may be.
    They want this to work, they want what is offered though it is a dream, nothing will change minds.

    Nice picture, er,…any more of these pics in the sequence…
    Asking for a friend…

    1. Samuel 2.23, vv3-7, that’s what we need.
      I cannot imagine how people have become so blind, so stupid…well, I can. Lousy education, a diet of tit and bum and no justice.
      Your friend must be content with what is on offer, lest he fall into the trap of tit and bum…

  2. Tis indeed a level of brass-necked corruption that once upon a time (in a land far, far away &etc) would herald the end of a civilisation. Sadly I think that perhaps we are now witnessing not an end but a transition – to a civilisation based solely upon corruption. They thrive…

    1. And to those who say that violence is not the answer let them look at the violence practised upon ordinary people who protest the loss of their liberties. Lamp posts and rope is what is required. Oh, and ladders….

  3. what is it again about deserving the governments we have?
    too many bloody fools who seem to positively welcome greed and dishonesty.

    1. No one deserves the government they get…the choice is determined by the political parties who certainly do not have the interests of ordinary people at heart. Unless the parties are broken there will be no change.

  4. Helen, I am no well enough versed in the situation to comment, except to say I could never fault your reasoning, and so it is.

    1. You and I were brought up in an era where we sought to arrive at conclusions by reason, rather than by soundbite.
      The sure guides were twofold…’follow the money’ and ‘cherchez la femme.’

  5. Some food for thought in this post. Many hackers are mavericks, and therefore hard to control. My image of them is either as people who will do anything, however damaging, to make themselves a fortune, and are anyone’s if the money’s good enough – or they are enthusiasts driven by the joy of exercising their destructive abilities, or possibly their ability to do something really, really clever. They’re probably not going to think very hard about the consequences of their actions either. What I mean is I think using hackers is a real old Pandora’s box to open.

    I managed to find most of the episodes of The Peoples’ Century on Youtube recently. If you haven’t watched these, may I recommend them. Most remarkable, more international than most, and with a dull and rather unwelcome thud of underlying truth that blows away most of the political ideas I for one have been holding onto for most of my life. Over and over again you see violent uprisings ending with everything worse for years and years, for lifetimes.

    Indeed, the whole series is full of film of the human race doing the same things over and over again with the same unsatisfactory results. It almost makes me think that it might after all be better to embark upon the rather boring route of trying to democratically remove people we don’t like, if we are lucky enough to have some kind of democratic system to use. Sisyphean it may be, but in the long term it seems to work surprisingly well. Awfully boring though.

    1. Leo was watching that series recently, filling in on the buts he did not know about.
      Hackers can be decidedly malaevolent people…or could be people who are motivated to destroy a bad system….the underlying problem in our societies seems to be that people we do like,but whom are perceived as being bad for big business, are removed by decidedly undemocratic ways.
      I saw Blair destroy the Labour Party…I see Starmer doing the same…Sturgeon blowing independence out of the water,,,,You follow the procedures to oppose them…they change the procedures

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